3 Advantages Of Being A Curvy Woman

Curvy women have just as much reason to celebrate their figures as women with any other body type, shape, or size, which is why it’s such a shame that so many curvy women resent their curves and wish they had a slimmer, straighter figure. Curves are undeniably sexy, and yours are an asset that you should be proud to flaunt.

Unfortunately, the representation of body types in magazines and on runways is drastically skewed away from curvier women. It’s easy to get discouraged by the glossy magazine spreads of size 00 models, but it is important to remember why you should never feel like your curves are something to be ashamed of or try to hide.

That being said, current fashion and fitness trends make it a pretty great time to be a curvy woman. In case you’ve forgotten all the reasons why you should love your curves, peruse these three advantages of being a curvy woman to boost your confidence and remind yourself what a beautiful, sexy, empowered woman you are—curves and all.

1. You’ve Got Curvy Celeb Icons on Your Side

Despite the under-representation of curvy women among top models in the modern women’s fashion industry, some of the most iconic female celebs are renowned and celebrated for their sexy curvy figures. From the Kardashian sisters to J Lo, these iconic women are putting their own curves into the spotlight and finally giving other curvy women a chance to see bodies that look like theirs being hyped up by the media and the public as a whole.

Never forget that Kim Kardashian “broke the Internet” with a nude photoshoot that emphasized her curves. She also used her own curvy figure as the mold for the bottles of her perfume line. Kim isn’t the only Kardashian making an effort to celebrate and make life easier for curvy women, either. Khloé Kardashian launched an entire clothing line designed specifically for curvy women that includes fashionable everyday sexy styles for plus size women. Curvy celeb icons are going above and beyond to show that they are proud of their curves, which in turn helps validate the curvy figures of real women everywhere.

2. You Can Cool it with the Squats

Squatting is a great healthy habit, but its ability to give women the coveted curvy booty they desperately want can be overrated. Make no mistake; squats are one of the best ways to grow your booty. Squats and other exercises that help you build muscle in your thighs and glutes can make your backside more shapely and prominent, but no amount of squats can produce the same results as genetics.

If you’re naturally curvy, there’s no need for you to add a grueling squat challenge to your daily routine. Curvy women are lucky enough to already have the shapely backside that women who lack curves are trying to achieve.

3. You Effortlessly Fill Out Every Piece of Clothing

Finding clothes that fit as a curvy woman is definitely a challenge. Shopping for plus size lingerie or bras for curvy women is even harder.

That being said, when you finally find that perfect dress or pair of jeans that actually fits your figure, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your body will fill it out. Curvy women look automatically sexy in virtually any clothing style that fits their figure. Curves add a flattering, ultra-sexy finish to any outfit—whether it’s a bodycon dress or a pair of skinny jeans.