All You Need To Know About Strict Liability

Have you been bitten by a dog? If it had happened, did the owner of the dog compensate you? Did you receive medical expenses, compensation for hospital bills, and your insurance? Such kind of acts comes in the category of strict liability torts. In order to get the claim, the plaintiff may directly ask for compensation, as well as call personal injury lawyer to file a suit.

Strict liability is a type of wrongdoing that puts another person in danger. The person affected by any act of negligence on the part of the wrongdoer may file a suit in the civil law court for damages. The responsible person may not be aware of the wrongdoing but the item, the product or the animal may have caused such a harm, due to which he will be liable to compensate the affected party. In strict liability law suits, the plaintiff is responsible for providing evidence of such wrongdoing.

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There are other categories of torts, such as negligence and intentional tort as well. These are not crimes, rather acts of negligence or wrongdoing from the acting person or someone, or something under his ownership or possession.

Types of Strict Liability torts

There are occasions when a person becomes responsible for things that he hasn’t committed. But these things have caused harm to any other person.

A grocery store owner may be sued for the banana fallen from the shelf and a stranger fell because of it. This act is by no means intentional, but it holds the person liable to compensate.

You owned an exotic Python that crept out of your house and damaged the garden or has eaten the pets of your neighbors, it’s your responsibility to compensate your neighbor.

You tried to show your climbing skills to your friends and in the event, damaged the roof or the water supply line of your neighbor. Your neighbor is entitled to compensation.

There are many other examples of strict liability trots and they can be categorized into three main types.

Product liability:

In product liability tort, a vendor may be liable for prosecution if the product is Dangerously Defective or Unsafe. A defective product is defined as a product which is unreasonably dangerous to the user when used for its intended purpose without any interference.

Abnormally dangerous acts:

An abnormally dangerous act can be defined as an act that carries a substantial risk to oneself and others’ personal property and physical being. That’s plenty of legal mumbo jumbo, think pyrotechnics, nuclear power plants and blasting rock with dynamite.

Animals owned or possessed:

The owner or person in possession of certain types of animals is liable for injuries if the animal causes injury to another person or animal. This may include livestock, like cows, horses, bulls or goats.

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