Greenpeace Protest Hang an Anti-Trump Flag Off Of Trump Tower in Chicago

Near the ValueMags office, six individuals managed to hang a flag off of the the Trump Tower on the 16th floor from the Trump Restaurant. All Greenpeace activists, the individuals made a point to the Trump administration that they do not agree with their environmental related policies and changes. ValueMags employees wonder how individuals can managed to get passed security in a Trump building and pull off such a thing. Within an hour, Chicago police had taken the flag down and arrested the six individuals responsible. They are still in custody and could be charges with property damage and reckless conduct. The charges seem slightly extreme for the act. More often than not, police will find something to charge an individual with if the outcome is in their best interest such as their President’s family estate is in their best interest.

Magazine marketing and distribution company, ValueMags, witnessed the whole thing. The banner had the earth in the middle of it and had the words “resist”, “defend”, and “Greenpeace” on it. The USA Greenpeace movement did claim responsibility for the act and protest. Chicago police said that it could have been a public safety hazard but arguably many things are. The act was inappropriate but no one was harmed. The exaggeration of the act has many Chicago residents shocked. Then again, that’s what the media does! Although some ValueMags employees and a large portion of Chicago residents and workers are not Greenpeace supporters or members, the act was initially funny. There are serious issues behind the matter that both parties have to resolve. Politically, the action was debatably inappropriate but environmentally and on a deeper political level, there is still a lot more to discuss.