How To Get Your Hair Back With Propecia?

Propecia is a brand of the medication with the active agent Finasteride. The same component is sold under other names too so if you want to get it cheaper you should buy generic Propecia instead of the branded medication. This is not a registered name; generics are drugs closely similar or identical to the branded medications but made by other companies and sold under other names. You can find a wide range of generics based on Finasteride at RxShopMD. It is a med store that sells high-quality generics at the low prices and ships them worldwide including to the U.S., UK, and so on.

What is Finasteride and what does it make?

Finasteride is a compound used to treat male pattern baldness or alopecia. Due to its properties, it is also used in prostatitis to reduce the size of the benign tumor. These both disorders are caused by an active form of testosterone excessive level, 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone.

The medication doesn’t allow testosterone to get transformed into another form that causes the mentioned conditions by inhibiting the enzyme participating in the hormone transformation.

Unfortunately, the use of the medication isn’t permanent. It has to be taken daily for long periods of time for both disorders.

To Get Your Hair Back With Propecia

The first effects of re-growing hair and stopping hair loss in men can be observed in four months with the complete restoration in one year. However, the hair starts to fall out again in just a half of a year of a break in the therapy. Thus, you need to get the pills in bulk at a low price to save your money. We said that it’s better to look for generic when you want to buy Propecia. Furthermore, if you use an online drugstore, you can get the needed amount of pills without Rx.

Precautions for Propecia use

The medication is contraindicated for men intolerant of the active agent, women of childbearing age, children.

Besides, it should be cautiously used by men with kidney failure and obstructive uropathy.

We would also advise you to consult a physician or haircare specialist with a medical background and undergo all prescribed checkups to be sure that this medication is what you need and that it’s safe for you. You can get the medication without a prescription but it’s always better to get a qualified consultation and assessment of your condition.