Is Generic Strattera Equal To The Branded Medication?

The medication you can buy as Strattera is a behavior-normalizing agent Atomoxetine used for the attention and hyperactivity disorder called fully attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is a syndrome that most commonly occurs in childhood and can sometimes continue to be present in adult life. The main symptoms are inability to focus on a task, physical activity and excitability above the norm, and impulsiveness. In adults, it can also cause lowered intelligence and trouble getting a degree, maintain work, and build strong relationships.

Usually, the syndrome is suspected and the kid is tested when he or she has trouble learning at primary school.

If your kid has trouble learning, you can buy Strattera or a generic version of the medication without a prescription from RxShopMD, a trustworthy international drugstore specializing on high-quality generic medications. But please keep in mind that even if you can get the drug without Rx, it doesn’t mean that you should do so, i.e. it is always better to consult a doctor before you start a therapy with any medication.

Other symptoms of ADHD

One of the main symptoms of ADHD along with the impairment of attention focusing is impulsiveness, i.e. the lack of control behavior in response to specific requirements. It is manifested in quick reactions to situations without listening the instructions allowing understanding the task, as well as inadequately assessing the task requirements. As a result, such kids are commonly very careless, inattentive, and frivolous. Their deeds can be potentially negative, harmful, destructive, and dangerous.

Kids with ADHD frequently subject themselves to unreasonable, unnecessary risk to show their courage, whims and quirks, especially in front of their peers. Such behavior leads to accidents involving injuries or poisoning.

It is important to pay attention to such behaviors to guard your kid from harm before it’s too late. Look for a specialist who works namely with ADHD, make your child do the tests, and follow the prescribed therapy.

How to get ADHD therapy cheap?

Long-term use of medications can be quite costly but you have a possibility to save – buy generic Strattera instead of the expensive branded drug and opt for pharmacies that sell it without Rx.