Product and Distribution Strategies

For the reputation management company, the marketing conception of a product includes decisions about package design, brand name, trademarks, warranties, product image, new product development, and customer service. Categories of consumer products are divided by how consumers buy them. A product is a bundle of physical, service, and symbolic characteristics designed to satisfy consumer wants. There are different consumer product categories such as convenience products, shopping products and specialty products. The convenience products are the items the consumer seeks to purchase frequently, immediately, and with little effort. The shopping products are usually purchased only after the buyer has compared competing products in competing stores. The specialty products involve items a purchaser is willing to make a special effort to obtain.

Marketers classify goods as business-to-business and business to consumers which helps with the development of a marketing strategy. Convenience products are frequently purchased, the store image is unimportant, the price is low, the promotion is done by the manufacturer, the distribution channel is from many wholesalers and retails and there are many retail outlets.  The shopping product purchase frequency is relatively infrequent, the store image is very important to consumers, the price is relatively high, the promotion is done by manufacturers and retails, there are relatively few distribution channels such as wholesalers and retailers and there are only a few number of retail outlets. When it comes to the specialty product, the purchase frequency is quite infrequent, the store image is important, the price is high, the promotion is done by manufacturer and retailers, the distribution channels involves very few wholesalers and retailers and the number of outlets is a very small number and often only one retail store per market area. Being able to classify consumer goods and services is important for the reputation management company since they are a niche market themselves and need to know which category to target their products and services to.