10,000 additional charging stations at Leclerc for 2025

10,000 additional charging stations at Leclerc for 2025 Auto

10,000 additional charging stations at Leclerc for 2025

Engaging with the government objective of deploying 100,000 new terminals in France by 2021, Leclerc unveils its own roadmap towards 2025.

Each equipped with 2 charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, 5,000 and then 10,000 more orange columns will be installed in 2022 and 2025 respectively in the car parks of the retail chain.

“The State is right to want to mobilize all operators to give the French electric car a chance”, comments Michel-Edouard Leclerc, president of the strategic committee of the E.Leclerc centers.

This initiative by a signatory of the new charter drawn up by the Ministry of Transport completes the private network, but open to the public under conditions, launched in 2011 in partnership with Renault.

To date, 231 E.Leclerc center car parks form a network made up of 823 charging points for which the formalities and access times depend on the management of each establishment. Connecting to this equipment can be free or cost a few euros on a specific credit associated with the famous Leclerc card.

At this stage, the company does not communicate on the characteristics of these infrastructures. Hopefully, fast charging will be taken into account this time around with this new deployment.

Author’s opinion

Beyond the program itself, I would like to congratulate the Leclerc brand for its very clear statement on the figures, perfectly distinguishing the concepts of “charging stations” and “charging points”. Too often still, including and especially in announcements from local authorities, confusion reigns at this level.

The 22 kW terminals installed today in the car parks of Leclerc supermarkets cannot hide the partnership with Renault which served as their basis. Next to reinforced domestic E / F type sockets, there are type 2 connectors, and very often type 3 connectors.

I used to recharge my EV batteries in the parking lot of the Leclerc store near my home. This is to prevent the outlet dedicated to this operation at home from heating up and to benefit from the power of almost 7 kW authorized by the on-board charger.

I have been a little less faithful to it since the containment, and especially the installation of a fast terminal in a commercial area at the other end of the city, but no further from my home via another road. A phenomenon that Leclerc should take into account. Not for this reason alone.

Since it is about promoting travel in electric vehicles, the brand should also think of those who are passing through on a long road and who will choose the most interesting sites according to 2 parameters: recharging time and comfort in the surroundings (restaurants, toilets, shopping areas, etc.).

There are not only Renault electric cars in circulation in France!

Source: www.automobile-propre.com

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