7 offers not to be missed

7 offers not to be missed Auto

Like many Chinese resellers, Geekbuying is already positioning itself on Black Friday. Here is our selection of available offers.

7 offers not to be missed

Black Friday and, all over the world, a must-see shopping event. Above all, this is the opportunity to afford quality technological equipment, at unbeatable prices. Often, the prices displayed during this deadline are the lowest of the year. Today, Geekbuying wants to position itself strongly on the event and their platform already offers multiple promotions on a bunch of different products, even before the fateful date. Below, you can find our selection of offers presented in advance of this Black Friday.

Black Friday at Geekbuying: the best addresses

To make your job easier, the Geekbuying site has taken care to list all the promotions. We find in particular the official page of Black Friday, with the promotions of the day, the subscription to the newsletter as well as temporary events. You can also find the Chinese reseller’s buying guide. Again, the best daily deals are listed.

Black Friday at Geekbuying: the essential coupons

On Black Friday, the site offers several coupons that work for the entire site. In fact, they are not limited to that day only, as they are valid until November 30. Find them below:

Save the equivalent of $ 2 on over $ 20 in purchases with code BFGKB2001
Save the equivalent of $ 5 on over $ 50 in purchases with code FGKB2002
Save the equivalent of $ 10 on over $ 100 in purchase with code BFGKB2003
Save the equivalent of $ 15 on over $ 200 in purchase with code BFGKB2004

From November 23 through November 26, Black Friday promotions will apply to 4 product categories, as well as 6 regional stock platforms. Concretely, we will find nice discounts on the categories “Sports and outdoor activities”, “Smart home and garden”, “Consumer electronics”, and “Phones and accessories”.

Likewise, products stored in Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany and especially in Europe will be sold off. This is good news, since delivery times are noticeably shorter than with a conventional shipment from China (although it is often cheaper!).

From November 26 through November 30, Geekbuying will simply offer the lowest prices of the year on the platform. Some products will be promoted up to 80% of their RRP.

Black Friday at Geekbuying: the newsletter

In order not to miss any of the best offers from the Chinese merchant, and also to receive a promotion code worth 3 dollars, you can choose to subscribe to their newsletter. Here are the main guidelines:

Register between November 17 and November 26
Subscribe to the Best Deals newsletter
Coupon won is valid until November 26

Please note: the $ 3 coupon will only apply to the first 1,000 people to subscribe to the Best Deals newsletter. Also, these lucky winners will have a chance to participate in a draw. The prize to be won is a coupon valued at $ 1,000 between November 17 and November 26. Here are the instructions:

Users can play once per day after subscribing to Black Friday & Email deals.
Users can share this page to earn a chance to play every day.
Users can place orders to get an extra chance (5 times per day).
Coupons are valid from November 26, 10 a.m. (UTC + 8) to November 30, 10 a.m. (UTC + 8)

11.11 at Geekbuying: the offers

FIIL T1X headphones at 45.57 euros with the code NNNFFIILT1X

7 offers not to be missed

Operating with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these wireless headphones are lightweight, discreet, and have the distinction of including noise reduction technology. The fairly low price gives all its meaning to these headphones, which reproduce a correct sound, and enjoy a substantial battery life: 32 hours of call time according to the manufacturer.

Find the FIIL T1X at 45.57 euros

The WalkingPad C1 fitness mat at 258.85 euros with the code NNNJDC1

7 offers not to be missed

It is no longer presented, yet it is now on sale. This fitness mat offers 2 sport modes, one manual and one automatic, which will suit everyone’s use. This machine adopts a lightweight aluminum alloy structure, and can withstand a maximum weight of 90 kg. It is primarily intended for people between the ages of 14 and 60. For young parents, no problem, as a blocking function is available to prevent your children from injuring themselves. Perfect for getting back in shape, this fitness mat is getting a nice promotion here.

Find the WalkingPad C1 at 258.85 euros

The Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner at 257.99 euros with the code NNNJDH6

7 offers not to be missed

With its 420 W brushless motor, this vacuum cleaner is armed to track down all the dust mites from your carpets, madness or even your car. The suction power automatically adapts to the substrate, for example when a carpet is detected. This device is also interesting, as it is able to remove pollutants and allergens, with its 5-stage air purification system, which filters up to 99.97% of particles. Enough to reject only pure air. In addition, it is light (1.4 kg in total), handy, and very convenient to use.

Find the Roborock H6 at 258.85 euros

The Merax Folding Electric Treadmill at 300.99 euros with the code 54HBGXDW

7 offers not to be missed

Containment or not, you can always opt for a performance indoor treadmill. This model has a 500 W motor, and allows running speeds of up to 12 km / h. It is therefore particularly suitable for walking, running or short jogging exercises. In total, it offers 12 automatic programs, and 3 incline levels, allowing you to vary the difficulty levels. Above, there is an LCD screen that displays all the essential information, ranging from duration, and speed to calorie expenditure.

Find the Merax Folding Electric Treadmill at 300.99 euros euros

The FIIDO D11 electric bike at 859.99 euros with the code GKB517S

7 offers not to be missed

This electric bike relies on a powerful 250W motor, giving you a maximum speed of 25km / h. It can be broken down into 3 modes, an electric mode, a “cyclic” mode and a power assistance mode. This allows you to reduce your consumption and offer you more or less challenge. Either way, its lithium battery promises a range of up to 30 to 60 km in pure electric mode, and 100 km in electric assistance mode. The design is quite successful, since the bike is foldable, the frame is made of aluminum alloy (which gives you better durability and a certain lightness) and finally, the seat is adjustable, just like the handlebars. Finally, safety has not been sold off, as there are bright headlights and taillights. You can find our handling of the FIIDO 11.

Find the FIIDO D11 at 859.99 euros

The KUGOO S1 Plus electric scooter at 275.19 euros with the code GKB544S

7 offers not to be missed

We continue here with electric mobility, with the KUGOO S1 Plus, a good electric scooter. Here again, there are 3 gearboxes available, which allow you to adapt to the surface of your road, and to adopt a more or less comfortable driving. To operate, this model has a 350 W motor, and solid and non-slip 8-inch tires. Enough to drive up to 25 km without needing to recharge it, while being able to go up to 30 km / h. Practical, this scooter is suitable for people weighing less than 120 kg, and can easily be adjusted and folded.

Find the KUGOO S1 at 275.19 euros

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