90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet Auto

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

Specializing in IT and digital services for professionals, Tibco has just given a heavy boost to electric vehicles. Purchasing Director, Vincent Deniaud explains the process to us.

140 EVs on 800 vehicles

“At Tibco, we have a national fleet of 800 vehicles, 90% of which are utility vehicles. Many are the origins of passenger cars where we are removing the rear seats. An operation which requires a modification of the gray card. Before reselling them, these vehicles are put back into a 5-seater configuration, ”explains Vincent Deniaud.

“We currently have 80 Renault ZOEs and 40 Peugeot e-208s. Some of these electric cars are used by our sales representatives who also have them available for their vacations, weekends and leisure. The others are for the use of our technicians and consulting engineers as part of their local assistance missions. They can use these cars for their commute to work. In addition to this fleet 17 Kia e-Niro for the steering, “he says.

CSR approach

Tibco has been committed to a CSR approach since its creation 35 years ago. It is characterized by real reflections on subjects and social issues around which employees meet in workshops. The richness of this approach is brought to light in an interesting video of just over 14 minutes.

“We could not continue this CSR approach and continue to use diesel vehicles. Three years ago, we wanted to test electric cars in the company. While we are purchasing our vehicles, we have exceptionally signed long-term contracts for the first 4 or 5 Renault Zoé ”, recalls Vincent Deniaud.

“In the summer of 2019, management decided that we would no longer be purchasing petrol models for our light vehicles. When renewing the fleet, we systematically replace diesel with electric ones. The phenomenon is accelerating sharply, with 100 EVs acquired over the last 12 months, ”he explains.


“In parallel with the arrival of these cars, we have developed the Power Tib’s program to support charging. It is about providing our employees with the necessary means to fill up their batteries. The Nantes head office and the branches – 80 technical points – are in the process of being equipped with 22 kW NewMotion terminals to which are added reinforced Green’Up 3.5 kW sockets “, reveals Vincent Deniaud.

“In our prior call for tenders, we formulated several requirements: equipment manufactured in France, or at least in Europe; connected and intelligent terminals that can be controlled remotely to intervene very quickly in the event of an anomaly; the possibility of subsequently offering the recharge to people outside the company using a badge, “he reports.

“The deployment started a little over a year ago. Headquarters and the 30 most important agencies have already received their terminals, ”he adds.

Shell-NewMotion card and taken at home

“With the diesel, our sales and technicians had a Shell card to fill up with diesel at service stations. This is still the case with electrics, thanks to a partnership between Shell and NewMotion which opens up access to 24,000 terminals in France when traveling a little further, ”compares Vincent Deniaud.

“Since half of the workers go home to sleep every day, we provide the electric car with a Green’Up plug to install at home, with a kilowatt-hour sub-metering system,” he emphasizes.

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

TEC, carpooling, mobility credits

Does the electric car meet Tibco’s needs? “The question has not arisen in these terms in the company. By adopting the electric car, we have chosen to be consistent with our CSR approach. If we want to move around like we used to move, it won’t work! These are the uses that we have adapted. Our consultants and engineers also take the bus or train and can use carpooling, ”answers Vincent Deniaud.

“For distant business trips, which are difficult to achieve with an electric vehicle, we have set up a pool of thermal cars that can be unlocked with a smartphone after reservation,” he adds.

“Salespeople who normally have their business car for their private needs as part of a benefit in kind receive a mobility loan for the year. It allows them to rent a thermal car to go on vacation or a weekend, for example. We didn’t want the electric car to be seen as a penalty or a punishment, ”he explains.

Negative feedback from users?

“We have not received a single negative feedback on our program to convert the Tibco fleet to electric. Which doesn’t mean everyone would be fully satisfied with EVs. But that their users all manage to use them as part of their professional missions, ”says Vincent Deniaud.

“Of the 140 drivers concerned, some grumbled at the start. We have more particularly supported them internally, ”he explains.

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

Customer perception

“It is essential for us to inform our clients of our approach which is indicated in our documents, such as responses to calls for tenders, for example. Driving our staff in electric vehicles helps to move towards carbon neutrality, ”says Vincent Deniaud.

“Electric cars are thus integrated into our Colibri eco-responsible IT maintenance formula, which also provides for in-house repairs at the customer’s premises rather than the systematic use of new equipment from China, the use of recycled replacement parts,” and an intervention on D + 2 allowing trips to be grouped together for 2 or 3 companies, ”he illustrates.

Around 2023

“In our 2020-2023 trajectory, we have forecast that 60-65% of the entire Tibco fleet will be electric, integrating van type utilities for which the offer is not satisfactory to date,” restates our interlocutor.

“Without counting the latter, the conversion rate to electric will be 90% of EV in 2023. The remaining 10% of thermal models are those that will make up our pool to be exploited by reservation for remote interventions”, affine- he.

“The vans are not forgotten. We rejected Renault’s proposals because the range was too limited for our needs. On the other hand, we are waiting to discover the models of PSA. We should start testing with the Peugeot e-Expert probably before the end of the year. If they are successful, the conversion of this category of vehicles could begin in the course of 2021 “, he envisages.

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

Green electricity

“We have subscribed to green formulas for the supply of electricity. On the sites where we are owners, we have opened a second metering point. Without this, we found broken power with several electric cars simultaneously charging. At headquarters, for example, we have 5 22 kW terminals. A single 180 kVA metering point was insufficient for the entire site. This is why we asked Enedis for the possibility of having a 140 kVA point dedicated to recharging electric vehicles “, explains Vincent Deniaud.

“We are going to install shade shelters in Tibco car parks covered with solar panels with storage in second-life EV batteries. As did the Gémo store in Trignac, near Saint-Nazaire, in a pilot project, ”he says.

“The solar energy produced on site will be used during the day to charge the cars, and at night to run the servers. These will remain as today coupled with generators for flawless availability. A necessity by working, as we do, with banking establishments ”, concludes the purchasing manager of Tibco.

Automobile Propre and I would like to thank Vincent Deniaud for his availability and loyalty as a reader of our webzine. Our thanks also to Jean-Noël Delion – a former member of the company – who suggested the subject and went there to take some of the photos illustrating this interview.

90% of electric cars in 2023 in the Tibco fleet

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