A designer unveils a modern concept of the DeLorean and it’s flawless!

A designer unveils a modern concept of the DeLorean and c Auto

Released in the 1980s, the DeLorean DMC-12 is a legend that is not only popular in real life, but also in the fictional world. Its avant-garde design (in its day) earned it a place in the “Back to the Future” trilogy by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale.

The vehicle also appears in many video games to name only Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Forza Motorsport 4, Burnout Paradise or Payday 2. In short, the DMC-12 is a true icon of pop culture. This is obviously why car designer Angel Guerra took the trouble to pay tribute to her through a concept that was produced by her.

A remarkable and futuristic concept

Guerra is no newbie to creating 3D renderings of automobiles. The designer has worked since 2008 in close collaboration with many manufacturers, including Rimac. So without hesitation, he did a great job and the 2020 DMC-12 (his name for the concept) looks like a real car straight out of the factory.

In addition to the great elegance of its body, which is made of shiny steel, the vehicle has subtle curves that confirm its positioning as an electric sports car. Obviously, during the realization of the concept, Guerra did not forget to take into account the peculiarities of the DeLorean DMC-12. Despite its very futuristic air, the DMC-12 2020 thus inherits the design of the model launched in the early 1980s.

A designer unveils a modern concept of the DeLorean and cDeLorean 2021, by Ángel Guerra

A concept inspired by DMC-12

For the record, the DeLorean DMC-12 will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary. The concept was therefore also created to mark this historic event. We find the “butterfly” doors, the “turbine” wheels as well as the narrowed windows. The front end has become more curved for better aerodynamics, while the bright lights and headlights use LED bulbs. Everything has been thought out to give the DMC-12 2020 a unique and aggressive look.

A designer unveils a modern concept of the DeLorean and it's flawless!DeLorean 2021, by Ángel Guerra

According to Guerra, the model he designed is longer and wider than the original one. It is said to be 4.78m long and 2.045m wide and 1.143m high. As for the engine, the designer did not provide enough details, but we still know that the so-called DMC-12 2020 has two electric motors mounted at the rear. A fully autonomous driving system would also be planned.

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