A low-cost electric Fiat 500 to attack the Twingo ZE

A low-cost electric Fiat 500 to attack the Twingo ZE Auto

A low-cost electric Fiat 500 to attack the Twingo ZE

The small Italian city car completes its range with an original “3 + 1” bodywork with opposing doors as well as a small battery with 180 km of range which lowers its entry ticket.

We know that car manufacturers are cautious about electrics, Fiat the first. Initially focused on the high-end with its launch offer “La Prima”, the Italian brand is now expanding its catalog with new versions at much more affordable prices.

An original 500 “3 + 1” + a small battery

The first novelty is the “3 + 1” body. Already mentioned during the presentation in March, this version has a double door with opposing opening on the passenger side. An original configuration that is not a first in the world of electric cars as it also powers the Mazda MX-30 and the BMW i3. Facilitating access to the rear, this version results in a reinforcement of the doors, with an overweight of 30 kg. Also, the rear part only opens after opening the front door.

The second development is the introduction of a smaller battery. Fiat includes a 23.8 kWh lithium-ion pack, compared to 42 kWh for the largest. Autonomy is announced at 180 kilometers in the WLTP cycle, like a certain Renault Twingo ZE. That’s more than 40% less than the 320 km offered by the 42 kWh battery. The engine configuration is also different with a block limited to 70 kW (94 hp), against 87 kW for the large battery.

One range by three

With this new battery, the electric Fiat is emerging a range. Entry is the 500 Action 23.8 kWh battery. The 500 Passion intermediate level recovers the 42 kWh battery. Its equipment increases with the 7-inch screen, smartphone connectivity or two choices of upholstery. Finally, the 500 Icon represents the top of the range, always with the large battery. It adds 16-inch rims, keyless system, body-color dashboard and 10.25-inch central screen.

Finally, a price is missing for these new versions, and the additional cost of the “3 + 1” variant. In 42 kWh configuration, the electric Fiat 500 starts today from € 29,900 in its France Edition level. While we will have to wait a while before knowing the prices for the version equipped with the small battery, we can already expect a base price of less than 25,000 euros excluding bonuses.

Source: www.automobile-propre.com

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