A Tesla electric bike? This is what it might look like

The handlebars of the bike are fixed, the steering controls are triggered by pressing the handles. © Kendall Toerner Auto

Called Tesla Model B, this concept of electric bike developed by designer Kendall Toerner, tries to imagine how the manufacturer of electric cars could seek to revolutionize the sector, if the mood took him …

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The project we are going to tell you about is not the result of yet another tweet from Elon Musk and even less from an official announcement from Tesla. And yet, the bubbling boss would probably not deny the audacity of this concept of electric bike signed by designer Kendall Toerner.

The Tesla Model B, that’s its name, has everything spectacular and futuristic to match what could be an ebike concocted by the electric car maker. We find Tesla’s very clean style in the frame design which recalls the fluid lines of the interiors of Model S, Model X, Model Y and Model 3.

The handlebars of the bike are fixed, the steering controls are triggered by pressing the handles. © Kendall Toerner

A Tesla-style autopilot

Tesla requires, obviously technology, if possible unprecedented. Here again, Kendall Toerner has not done in half measures. His Tesla Model B has wheels whose spokes are replaced by mini shocks that act as front and rear suspension. Each hub incorporates an electric motor and the bike is fitted with an “autopilot” similar to that of Tesla with strong sensors and cameras to detect its environment and maneuver independently. And that’s not all…

The handlebars of the Tesla Model B bicycle are fixed and its grips incorporate force sensors that detect the pressure exerted by the rider and spin the wheel accordingly. A device that is certainly spectacular, but which would undoubtedly have nothing very intuitive or reassuring in real conditions because we are used to accompanying changes of direction with the arms and the rest of the body. But this is all the charm of a concept which has no other vocation than to stimulate our imagination. And in this case, it is successful.

© Kendall Toerner

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