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Jean Castex France Relaunch 2020 Auto

Jean Castex France Relaunch 2020

In the recovery plan for France presented by Jean Castex, 7 billion will support green hydrogen, while a sum will push aid for the purchase of vehicles and the installation of electric terminals.

Shortly after the deconfinement, on May 26, the government decided on an automobile recovery plan. The bonus and the extended conversion premium allowed the market to return to the green, before plunging again in August.

More generally, the government of Jean Castex unveils on September 3 a multi-sector recovery plan with a budget of 100 billion euros, 40% financed by Europe. In this, the energy transition holds a preponderant place. The sum reached 30 billion euros, including 11 billion dedicated to cleaner transport. Half is dedicated to rail transport (small lines and freight) while 1.2 billion will be allocated to public transport and cycling.

Purchasing aid will continue

Without going into detail, the Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili outlined the project. The recovery plan will indeed relate to “aid for the purchase of vehicles with lower emissions and the installation of charging stations”. This suggests that the spectrum will still be open to vehicles other than electric and plug-in hybrids.

Aid for the purchase of electric, hybrid or cleaner cars was provided until the end of 2020. The government finances € 7,000 for the purchase of new electric vehicles, € 2,000 for the rechargeable hybrid, and up to € 5,000 conversion bonus. In May, France also expressed its intention to see 100,000 charging stations by 2020.

The minister continues with an envelope for “research and innovation in the automotive sector”, again without precision. For his part, Bruno Lemaire insisted on relocation, taking for example the production of batteries in France, “rather than importing them 85% from China or Asia”. Thus, 1 billion euros are pledged for calls for relocation projects.

Hydrogen too

The government is promising the hydrogen sector alone a colossal envelope of 7 billion euros. This will be “a key element of this strategy to be independent in the production of green hydrogen” assures Bruno Lemaire. Jean Castex ensures that France is putting on the table “7 billion for a country at the forefront of green hydrogen”, including 2 in the short term and “another 5 billion by 2030”.

We will not know the details of the hydrogen plan until Tuesday, September 8, 2020. The automobile will have its part, as will aviation, with the development of a “green” aircraft.


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