an electric concept with 1,200 km of autonomy?

an electric concept with 1,200 km of autonomy? Auto

an electric concept with 1,200 km of autonomy?

To illustrate its electrical and aerodynamic technologies, Mercedes-Benz will reveal an EQXX concept car whose goal is to become the car with the longest range in the world.

This week, Mercedes-Benz set the tone in the electric vehicle segment. After the current EQC, will come the EQA and EQB, then the EQS / EQE sedans and their SUV derivatives. But that’s not all, since the German brand is also working on a very special prototype.

We like real concept cars, not pseudo prototypes that are 90% close to a future production vehicle. That’s good, the Mercedes Vision EQXX will be of this ilk. According to the manufacturer, it would be a “technological program” for an electric vehicle, aimed at “spectacular efficiency and autonomy”.

Looking at it in profile, we note the aerodynamic research, but also an echo with previous concepts. Indeed, we can observe the link with the IAA study of 2015 with its very long rear overhang. It is still too early to talk about a sedan or coupe, or dimensions, although the 5 meters will probably be crossed.

Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept 2015

The Mercedes Vision EQXX could be the electric descendant of the IAA concept of 2015

In another statement, the EQXX could theoretically reach Stuttgart to Nice (815 km), New York to Detroit (989 km) or Beijing to Shanghai in one charge. The range would therefore be greater than 1,200 kilometers (1,214 km according to a famous planner) on this route, much more than the already promising 700 km of the EQS coming out in 2021! To achieve this, it will be necessary to rely on new battery technology.

F1 genes?

The design of the Vision EQXX is led by a mix of engineers from HQ Stuttgart as well as the UK-based Formula 1 team (we forget it, but the engine is a V6 hybrid). The latter will bring “its expertise in electric motors and a speed of development worthy of mechanical sports”.

an electric concept with 1,200 km of autonomy?

This Vision EQXX will not become a sportswoman, but will remain a showcase. Mercedes-Benz intends to test the public and validate “certain innovations that can quickly integrate production cars”. However, it is not clear when the manufacturer intends to present this concept car. Without a short-term auto show, the preview will most likely be online and / or in a small committee. May be in parallel with the revelation of the EQS electric luxury sedan in its production version.


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