Aptera: this electric car would only be powered by the sun’s rays!

The Aptera 3 solar car. Auto

Formerly known as Aptera Motors Inc, Aptera is a California start-up specializing in the design of green vehicles. Founded in 2005, it had to close its doors in 2011 due to insufficient funds. But in 2019, thanks to the perseverance of its founders, the company was reborn from its ashes. And the least we can say is that this is a comeback. Aptera does boast of having designed the most efficient electric vehicle in the world.

An electric tricycle that does not need to be recharged

The design of this electric vehicle from Aptera is certainly not new to some of you. In fact, before it closed in 2011, the company presented a hybrid that promised fuel mileage of less than one liter per 100 km. To mark its return, the young shoot has quite simply modified the engine by including a 100% electric unit and by making some adjustments.

Therefore, the Aptera 3 is a three-wheeled vehicle that only runs on electric power. It benefits from the manufacturer’s Never Charge technology which, as its name suggests, allows you to drive without having to recharge (plug in) the battery.

To make this possible, photovoltaic cells are scattered over the surface of the tricycle. These cover a total area of ​​3 square meters and are 180 in number. This configuration would offer a range of 1600 km on a single full charge and would allow to travel in peace about 18 000 km per year, or roughly 71 km per day (weekends not included).

The Aptera 3 solar car. The Aptera 3 solar car. Photo credit: Aptera

A design guaranteeing exemplary performance

If this Aptera electric tricycle is capable of achieving such feats, it is also in large part due to its aerodynamic design and the use of materials that are both light and strong. This design effectively reduces drag. Interestingly, the Aptera 3 incorporates a liquid-cooled powertrain. This block ensures a 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds for a maximum speed of 177 km / h.

Available for pre-order

A two-seater electric vehicle, the Aptera 3 is now available for pre-order. To be among those who will be able to own it after the start of production scheduled for next year, you will need to make a first (refundable) deposit of $ 100. Prices vary between 25,000 and 46,000 dollars. They change based on performance and degree of customization.

Source: www.neozone.org

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