Aptera’s electric car could run without ever recharging

Aptera's electric car could run without ever recharging Auto

Aptera's electric car could run without ever recharging

Aptera presented a three-wheeled solar car, almost ten years after the first collapse of the company which at the time was unable to secure sufficient funds to get started. This time, it is with a solar car that Aptera wants to impose itself on the market, by offering a vehicle out of the ordinary.

The unnamed model will be offered in several versions, the best of which will have a battery with a capacity of over 100 kWh. The advertised range is 1600 kilometers for this version, with a set of solar panels on the roof making it possible to do 70 kilometers per day using only this energy. The other autonomies will be 402 km, 643 km and 965 km.

Aptera sells his car as not needing to be charged for everyday journeys, thanks to solar technology called Never Charge, or “never charge” in French. And it is by doing a full charge on a charging station that the vehicle can offer 1600 kilometers, in particular thanks to an aerodynamic coefficient (Cx) of 0.13, a record of its kind.

“With Aptera’s‘ Never Charge ’technology, you are being driven by the power of the sun,” company co-founder Chris Anthony said in a press release. “‘Never Charge’ is installed in every Aptera and can recover enough solar energy to travel 17,500 kilometers per year in most areas,” promises the manufacturer.

Aptera's electric car could run without ever recharging

An electric car compatible with Tesla superchargers?

The Aptera overview video also shows a charging socket that appears to be compatible with Tesla’s Superchargers. No deal has been made but it could be a first, since Elon Musk’s firm has never opened its charging stations to another manufacturer. As of December 4, the Aptera can be pre-booked online for $ 100, and will go on sale in late 2021 or 2022 at a price ranging from $ 25,900 to $ 46,900.

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