Audi and Hager are interested in two-way charging

Audi and Hager are interested in two-way charging Auto

Audi and Hager are interested in two-way charging

To smooth production and energy consumption, Audi and Hager Group have teamed up to develop V2H or Vehicle to Home bidirectional charging.

Like many manufacturers and OEMs, and in the wake of Nissan, Audi is exploring the paths of two-way charging. To achieve this, the brand with the rings has teamed up with Hager Group, a German company specializing in electrical installations, to develop a Vehicle to Home function for its next electric models. Here, the principle is nothing new compared to what the competition, including Tesla, is planning to offer. The Audi electric car would be able to recharge at home, but also deliver energy to the home, for example during peak consumption.

“An electric car battery can store an amount of energy almost equal to the needs of an average household for a week,” says Ulrich Reiner, electromobility expert at Hager Group. A finding based on an average electricity consumption of 12 kWh per day for a four-person household, which corresponds to the capacity of an Audi e-Tron 95 kWh.

Audi and Hager are interested in two-way charging

The electric car as a mini-power station for the home

According to the two entities, the principle of V2H should make it possible to store green energy in the overproduction phase (in the event of strong sunlight thanks to solar panels, for example) and to support the electricity production tools when this is necessary. The two German companies see many perspectives in the two-way load: “V2H has great potential to save energy bills for homeowners. It also helps to strengthen the stability of the power grid and to provide back-up power in the event of a blackout. The idea of ​​using the battery of thousands of electric vehicles in order to fight against global warming motivated us from the start of the project, “says Ulrich Reiner.

No availability calendar has been put forward by Audi. The Ingolstadt brand, however, said that the operation of the system will be extremely easy for the customer, who will only have to connect the cable between the house and the car. The battery charge management system will then automatically take over to control usage and maximize the economic efficiency of the entire device.


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