Automobile Awards, an innovation bonus

NEWS – Now organized by our colleague Lionel Robert, this event, created in 2018, rewarded 19 categories.

The symbol is strong. It is within the framework of the Automobile Club de France where much of the history of the automobile has been written since the creation of the circle at the end of 1895 by the count de Dion, the baron de Zuylen and the journalist of the Figaro Paul Meyan, hosted by our colleague Lionel Robert for the third edition of the Automobile Awards. The first he is organizing with the help of the Motul company, after two years with Coyote.

As a result of the Covid-19 virus which continues to circulate actively, the presentation ceremony of the 2020 Automobile Awards could not go as planned. The organizers used modern means of communication and the ceremony was held live on the youtube channel ( In the presence of Arnaud Ducret, guest of honor, and Louis Desanges, president of the ACF.

Automobile Awards, an innovation bonusLionel Robert surrounded by Louis Desanges and Arnaud Ducret. JP Pariente

A flagship trophy, the Grand Prix called on the public to elect the Car of the Year from among 11 candidates at the Motul site. After 243,669 votes, the Porsche 911 Turbo S and Peugeot 3008 Hybrid tied for first place. Proof that motorists’ hearts are torn between reason and passion. The trophy for the most beautiful concept car crowned the Renault Morphoz. This vehicle, which was to be presented at the last Geneva Motor Show that was finally canceled, announces the formal language of the next generation of electric vehicles from the diamond manufacturer. As for the design price, it went to the D12 hybrid hypercar from Delage, a legendary brand whose rebirth is due to Laurent Tapie. Unsurprisingly, the Dacia Sandero was awarded the best deal on the market.

The Green Car category placed the new electric Fiat 500 on the first step of the podium while the jury’s favorite went to the Volkswagen ID.3.

On the OEM side, the Automobile Awards rewarded Nawa Technologies. Unknown to the general public, this small Aix-based company has developed an electrode that could revolutionize the electric car. Based on the use of vertically aligned carbon nanotube mats, this technology directly influences the power, energy, life cycle and recharge time of lithium batteries. Another award-winning French tech company, Novares has developed a lightweight fuel cell system through the use of injected plastic components. The manufacturer Goodyear was also awarded for its biodegradable rubber technology. Finally, the Ad of the Year award went to the campaign spot for the new Citroën C4.


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