Autonomous passenger transport: soon a reality in our cities?

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Like the autonomous driving offered by some manufacturers, or like certain metro lines, several experiments with autonomous passenger transport in urban areas are becoming widespread in France.

French actor EasyMile will begin with Trandev, the commissioning of an autonomous shuttle at the Ariane Group industrial site in the Paris region. This experimentation is to extend over three years. The first tests will take place in March 2021 and the service will be fully operational from 2022. These fully electric EZ10 autonomous shuttles will be tested, during the duration of the project, over a course of 2 kilometers. The goal of this full-scale experience in the long term is to no longer have a driving operator on board these shuttles.

The Ariane Group site was selected because it is representative of an urban area. The shuttles are confronted with pedestrians, roundabouts, intersections and parked vehicles. This environment makes it possible to prepare well for the deployment of future autonomous driving technologies in urban areas.

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Autonomous passenger transport@Archparc

For the remote supervision of this experiment, the mobility operator Transdev is monitoring the experiments. Throughout the project, the partners ensure the acceptability of this autonomous mobility offer to the population. They study the viability of business models for their different services.

A solution already tested in Switzerland

EasyMile has already operated for a few months, its electric passenger transport vehicle EZ10 in St Julien en Genevois near Geneva in Switzerland. 1,000 km is the distance traveled by the ECHOSMILE shuttle (that’s its nickname!) Since it was put into service on September 21. The shuttle operated within the ARCH’PARC business park in St Julien en Genevois in Haute Savoie.

With 7 stops available at the company fleet, no incident affecting road safety has been reported. This autonomous shuttle experiment proved to be conclusive. This is why the park officials (Arch’Parc) and the shuttle operator (Alpbus-Transdev) have chosen to continue the experiment over the coming months.

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