Canyon unveils an astonishing concept of electrically assisted velomobile

Canyon unveils an astonishing concept of electrically assisted velomobile

The German brand Canyon, specialist in muscle and electric bikes, offers a reflection on urban mobility with a concept of electrically assisted recumbent bike with a closed body.

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How to combine the convenience of an electric bicycle with the comfort and protection that a car offers? This is the question Canyon wanted to answer by imagining a quadricycle with electrically assisted pedals, capable of circulating as well on cycle paths as on roads.

Called Future Mobility Concept, it is nothing more or less a recumbent bike with a body. This is what we call a velomobile, a concept that dates back to the 1930s with the Vélocar and which has found many modern variations, such as the Podbike we talked about in 2018. In the design imagined by Canyon, the part upper part of the cockpit slides on slides to allow access to the seat and also to drive in openable mode in good weather. Behind the pilot there is enough space to accommodate a child, luggage or groceries.

60 km / h on the road or 25 km / h on a cycle path

The vehicle is maneuvered using two handles located to the right and left of the seat at the level of the cyclist’s hips. The turning radius is 7 meters. According to Canyon, we could reach 60 km / h on the road and switch to an electric assistance which is cut at 25 km / h on a cycle path. The 2,000 Wh battery would offer 150 km of autonomy but it could be “easily doubled”, specifies the manufacturer.

Canyon does not give any precise indication on a possible commercial version of this concept. But the German brand stresses that it is refocusing on urban and trekking bikes (notably with two new Commuter models: ON and Precede: ON) and that it intends to innovate in terms of urban mobility with other concepts like this.

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