Electric car: details of Kia’s ambitious “Plan S”

Electric car: details of Kia's ambitious "Plan S" Auto

Electric car: details of Kia's ambitious "Plan S"

Plan S: This is the name of Kia’s ambitious program announced earlier this year to step up sales of its electric models. The first phase of this program has just been revealed. It provides for the introduction of 7 new features by 2027.

CV code name

Codenamed “CV”, the first of these vehicles will take the form of an electric SUV which will be unveiled over the next year and marketed in different parts of the world, including Europe. It will be the first to rely on the new modular international e-GMP platform developed with parent company Hyundai since 2017.

This machine, announced since last April, should be based on the Imagine concept revealed in 2019 at the Geneva Motor Show. Ho-Sung Song, CEO of Kia, did not elaborate on the model, neither confirming nor denying the range of 480 km obtained from a pack that would regenerate in less than 20 minutes. He just mentioned high charging performance.

On the other hand, the manufacturer assures that the CV model will inaugurate the new stylistic orientation visible on the electric to come. And this, by encompassing “the notions of progress and diversity”.

Electric car: details of Kia's ambitious "Plan S"

The Imagine concept will inspire Kia’s next electric SUV.

7 new features by 2027

Since 2011, Kia has launched 100,000 electric vehicles on the road. Starting with the Ray EV reserved for the Korean market and conforming to the Japanese format of K-cars.

In 7 years, from 2021, Kia plans to launch 7 new 100% electric cars. The visual illustration which outlines this upcoming range does not provide any truly usable indications.

This development should ideally be accompanied by an increase in connected vehicles in sales. The latter would account for 20% of new registrations by 2025 “in technologically advanced markets such as South Korea, North America and Europe”. This share is expected to increase to 25% of all global sales by 2029.

Electric car: details of Kia's ambitious "Plan S"


Kia promises innovations at different levels. First, by making it possible to adapt its electric range to the needs and demands of a large and diverse customer base from the planning stage of the vehicle, but also during development and even production. The manufacturer is thus considering city cars, road cars and sports cars. All based on its new e-GMP platform designed to ensure “incomparable habitability”.

Kia Motors is also looking to evolve its sales methods for electric vehicles, aligning diversified purchasing formulas, the possible rental of batteries, and proposals around second life packs.

Worldwide, excluding South Korea, dealerships capable of servicing electric models will be tripled, from 600 at the end of this year to 2,000 addresses in 2023.


In order to succeed in its electric gamble, Kia Motors intends to be more active in terms of charging infrastructure. In particular by establishing international partnerships with companies specializing in this field. So with Ionity for Europe. The manufacturer hopes to reproduce this pattern in the United States and China with networks of equal importance.

In cooperation with the governments of the territories, it also intends to take part in the construction of charging systems, as well as the conversion of public transport to electric.

“Kia considers the expansion of electric charging infrastructure as a sine qua non for the democratization of electric vehicles, and continues to explore various activities at the global level with a view to facilitating drivers’ access to charging solutions”, explains he.

Charging in dealerships

Dealerships and other Kia sales and service points will be increasingly called upon to offer charging points. The manufacturer’s roadmap provides that 2,400 additional chargers will be installed in these establishments in Europe, 500 in North America and 1,500 in South Korea by 2030. In this country which saw the birth of the brand and its parent company, Hyundai Motor Group will install 120 ultra-fast chargers before the end of next year in various urban centers as well as along 12 highways connecting 8 provinces of the territory.

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