Electric car: if you don’t go as far as the charger, the charger (Mob-Energy) comes to you!

Electric car: if you don Auto

The availability of chargers can be a barrier to the use of an electric vehicle. To remedy this problem, Mob-Energy has developed smart charging solutions specially designed for public, corporate or airport parking lots, to name just a few examples of parking places.

By focusing on such infrastructures, the Lyon start-up aims to satisfy as many uses as possible by adapting to each individual’s situation. In short, Mob-Energy wants to help users live far from the constraints associated with the use of traditional charging stations.

Mob-Energy Charles, the autonomous charger robot

The first solution that Mob-Energy offers to electric motorists, more particularly to parking management professionals, consists of a charger robot which, as its name suggests, has been designed to operate intelligently. Unlike conventional chargers, Charles can move to the vehicle to be recharged, automatically. It contains recycled batteries, allowing it to store energy and then transfer that energy to the power supply of an electric car parked in a parking lot. “What if we reversed this model? What if we moved the energy when needed to the car to be recharged? The company explains in its explanatory video.

Mob-Energy has planned everything so that the process does not require any human intervention. All the user has to do is place a small box on the floor that acts as an extension or more precisely as a connection module. The charger robot will then connect to it to recharge the vehicle, taking into account the predefined charging parameters, in particular the range you want to have. Charles was also designed to be scalable. We can install as many robots as we want in a parking lot depending on the evolution of demand.

Electric car: if you donMob-Energy Charles, the autonomous charger robot. Photo credit: Mob Energy

ME Analytics, a tool for better parking management

In addition to its charger robot, the young French company based in Lyon has created a platform called ME Analytics. It is a tool which aims to assist parking managers in their daily tasks. For example, it can be used to simulate uses to help choose the equipment that is best suited to a parking place. Allowing to keep a digital copy of the activities in the latter, ME Analytics aims in a way to improve the reception of customers in order to retain them. Its creation also stems from a desire to boost the democratization of electric vehicles, without forgetting the optimization of operating costs.

Small startup will become big!

The Lyonnaise Mob-Energy start-up recently raised more than 2 million euros in order to deploy its innovative solutions in public car parks in large urban areas. It aims to meet growing demand by offering charging points that are more accessible and above all better suited to the needs of users of electric vehicles.

Source: www.neozone.org

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