Elon Musk announces a Tesla at $ 25,000 for 2023!

Tesla Model C China sketch Auto

Tesla Model C China sketch

In addition to new battery cells for large electric vehicles, Tesla promised Battery Day an electric car that is much cheaper than the Model 3 within 3 years.

At the “Battery Day” conference, it was time for new batteries. These promise better autonomy, recharges, weight for the Cybertruck and Semi. But what will change at Tesla is lower manufacturing costs, further lowering the ticket to the brand.

A “Model C” in 3 years, made in China?

At the end of the presentation, Elon Musk created the surprise. The CEO of the brand has confirmed the goal of building “a vehicle for $ 25,000” or € 21,265 at the current exchange rate. He says his ultimate goal has always been to make the electric car accessible. “Our first car was a sports car, then there was a more affordable sedan, and mass production with the Model 3 and Model Y” recalls the leader.

Tesla therefore announces that “in about 3 years, there will be a car costing $ 25,000, and completely autonomous”. But what will this car be? It seems that it is the result of the project started in China, which can be called Model C (for Compact), with a new local R&D unit. In terms of specs, it’s still too early, but we know CATL’s LFP batteries are in the running.

Watch out for promises …

Beware of this announcement, because Tesla dangled the famous $ 35,000 Model 3, which never made it to France. After the 2017 launch, the price came down well in the United States with the Standard version, but this version did not last long in the catalog. Today, the electric sedan is trading at best at $ 37,990 over the Standard Plus. It is worse in France, where the access price is 49,600 euros. Gloups!

But let’s dream, a Tesla at € 21,265 is a Renault Twingo Z.E. or a Skoda Citigo e iV! The price will certainly be higher in Europe, but a bonus should not be excluded, which will make this “Tesla Model C” highly attractive.

Elon Musk Battery Day 2020

Elon Musk and Drew Baglino announcing the $ 25,000 Tesla at Battery Day

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