eScooter: Mercedes unveils a new electric scooter with a “lifespan” of 5000 km!

eScooter: Mercedes unveils a new electric scooter with a Auto

The German auto giant has just taken a further step forward. After unveiling its 100% electric EQS ​​sedan last June, Mercedes is now back in the spotlight with a two-wheeler designed for urban mobility.

After the Mercedes-Benz EQ unveiled in 2019, the eScooter is in fact the manufacturer’s second electric scooter! Announced for a lifespan of 5000 km, the machine does not derogate from the design rules in force at the manufacturer. Also, for example, it is designed with quality materials to ensure both its lightness and its strength. Speaking of which, note that he weighs less than 14kg.

An electric scooter developed in partnership with Micro Mobility Systems AG

You should know that the eScooter is not just the work of Mercedes-Benz. Micro Mobility Systems AG also participated in its design. If you don’t know yet, this Swiss company is behind the Microlino, a two-seater electric car first presented in 2016. In other words, it is not new in the field of green mobility.

Appearance side, this Mercedes electric scooter is distinguished by its more or less aggressive look. A look that is further enhanced by its black color. The steering column features the company crest, while the board is covered with a non-slip material. Note also that the Mercedes eScooter is equipped with two large wheels 20 cm in diameter for a comfortable ride in all circumstances.

eScooter: Mercedes unveils a new electric scooter with a Mercedes-Benz E-Scooter. Photo credit: Mercedes

500 W motor

In addition to its durability already impressive enough for an electric scooter, the eScooter has a 500 watt electric motor which allows it to have a top speed of 20 km / h. Its battery has a capacity of 7.8 Ah, promising a theoretical autonomy of 25 km. 2 hours of charge would be enough to have a charge level of 70%.

eScooter: Mercedes unveils a new electric scooter with a Mercedes- Benz E-Scooter Photo credit: Mercedes

This second Mercedes electric scooter also features a central control screen that displays speed, distance traveled, range and driving mode. Thanks to the companion app, the user will also be able to view this information directly on their smartphone.

It’s nice to hear about the German manufacturer’s entry into the electric scooter market, but to be successful it will require ingenuity. Indeed, with the models from Xiaomi which are priced at less than 500 €, Mercedes will be forced to adopt an innovative commercial approach.


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