French automaker Hopium unveils impressive hydrogen sedan

Credit: Hopium Auto

Hopium, a young French car manufacturer, has ambition. He intends to launch a hydrogen-powered sedan called Machina. A monster of power and autonomy, the prototype of which should be unveiled next year!

Credit: HopiumCredit: Hopium

The Machina is a very high-end sedan that will pack a power equivalent to 500 horsepower. The announced range is particularly impressive, with Hopium announcing no less than 1,000 kilometers! This feat was made possible by the vehicle’s fuel, hydrogen, which also made it possible to “refuel” in just three minutes. No electric car can say the same.

1,000 km of autonomy!

In addition to performance, the manufacturer also relies on design. The Machina is clearly inspired by Tesla here, offering shapes reminiscent of classic sedans, but sportier however. Like its American model, Hopium also intends to integrate as many connected technologies as possible into the vehicle.

One of the problems Hopium will face is the hydrogen pumps. Without a network worthy of the name, it is illusory to want to sell a vehicle of this kind … The company hopes that such a network will develop in the coming years, a development supported by the public authorities who have announced an investment of 7 billion euros for the creation of a genuine French industry.

Credit: HopiumCredit: Hopium

Hopium is in any case on a good basis. The group was indeed founded by Olivier Lombard, an endurance driver who won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011. “It’s a big, fast road saloon that I wanted sporty. It allows a high level of performance while being 100% environmentally friendly, since a hydrogen car emits only water. Above all, I wanted it to offer real driving pleasure, ”he told Ouest France.

The prototype is expected for 2021, and “made in France” production for 2026. The price unveiled by Olivier Lombard does not place the car for all budgets: it will indeed cost around € 120,000. But if success is there, then the prices should go down.


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