Germany wants a uniform charging network in Europe

Germany wants a uniform charging network in Europe Auto

Germany wants a uniform charging network in Europe

At the end of the confinement periods, Germany accelerated the development of its fleet of charging stations. The government now wants to extend a uniform network across Europe.

Supported by the various governments with numerous incentives, the electric car is on the rise. However, to improve its development, charging station networks should rise to the occasion, both in terms of density and reliability. But they should also become uniform across the continent, as Andreas Scheuer, Germany’s transport minister, points out.

Taking advantage of the Council of the European Union, the German minister insisted on the development of a network of cross-border charging stations, standardized and common at European level. The aim of the representative of the German government being to deploy a simple and fast infrastructure, both for electric cars but also for hydrogen vehicles.

Germany wants a uniform charging network in Europe

Towards a standardization of invoicing methods?

Andreas Scheuer also indicated that consideration will have to be given to the development of a standardized payment system at European level for the two clean energies. Because at present, apart from a few companies offering a service all over Europe, paying for recharging is proving to be an obstacle course, in France and abroad.

With his insistent recommendations, the minister is betting on the reform of the European directive on the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels. Reform which would bring about standardization of the charging network across Europe and would further accelerate the development of the electric car.

However, this reform should also pay close attention to billing methods and possibly standardize and regulate it. Because if Germany practices billing per unit consumed (therefore per kWh), some operators in France apply a charge per minute of charging that is not necessarily advantageous for all motorists.


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