How does an electric car react on the road when the battery is completely discharged?

How does an electric car react on the road when the battery is completely discharged? Auto

Electric vehicles are now part of the standard. They are more and more popular because of their ecological aspect. Indeed, an electric car pollutes less than a car powered by fossil fuel. Tesla is no longer the only one to reign supreme in this flourishing market.

The American manufacturer Lucid Motors is also starting to make a place for itself in this very competitive world. With the number of cars that currently exist on the market, it is difficult to make a choice. UK Carwow team journalist Mat Watson volunteered to test 6 electric vehicles that have everything consumers want. In a video posted to Carwow’s YouTube channel, he reveals everything there is to know about these cars.

Real-life tests

Mat Watson, who is a benchmark in the automotive world, tested 6 electric cars namely: the Honda E, the Volkswagen e-up !, the Peugeot e-208, the Vauxhall Corsa-e, the Mini Electric and the Renault Zoe. He carried out these tests in real conditions in order to get an idea of ​​the real performance of these vehicles.

Mat Watson drove each of these cars until they ran out of battery. The Renault Zoe is the big winner of this comparison. It would have reached 96% of its official autonomy which is estimated at 386 km. The performance of the Honda E, meanwhile, would be quite questionable.

How does an electric car react on the road when the battery is completely discharged?Renault Zoe 2020. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Domagoj Kovacic

According to Mat Watson, it would have capped at 90% of its range and only reached 113 km. For its part, the Volkswagen e-up has done quite well against the newer electric car models which are very competitively priced.

How cars react when unloading

During these tests, Mat Watson was also interested in the behavior of cars when they are fully discharged. He observed much the same things with the six vehicles. Before reaching a completely zero charge, the systems in electric vehicles send warnings to the driver.

As the car unloads, the system begins to put in place energy restrictions. This then forces the driver to stop in a safe place. It should be noted that in the UK, users can call in an emergency team to provide them with sufficient charge to reach a charging station.

Those who want to get an electric car can watch Mat Watson’s 30-minute video to help them make their choice.


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