In France, Uber plans 50% electricity in 2025

In France, Uber plans 50% electricity in 2025 Auto

In France, Uber plans 50% electricity in 2025

The chauffeur-driven car company Uber is committed to phasing out diesel in 2024 in France and converting half of its fleet to electric cars within 5 years.

An electric car driving short distances and low cost of use makes sense for city VTCs. Uber had already announced that it wanted to convert in London by 2025, and half in Paris by 2022. The leading company in this market is going further, for the whole of France.

Purchasing and recharging assistance

The first objective is to quickly withdraw diesel vehicles from its fleet. Uber wants to stop registering this type of engine in 2021 (new) or 2022 (used included), before banning them completely from 2024.

The second goal is to offer 50% of its electric fleet in 2025 in the country. The cost of buying or renting is higher than thermal, Uber promises financial assistance. This will be proportional to the use of the service. A driver who uses the application 42 hours / week will thus be able to claim financial assistance of € 4,500 after three years compared to € 1,600 for those who only use it for 15 hours / week. Estimated at 75 million euros, this investment will be partly financed by users. As of January 1, 2021, the service will increase by 3 cents per km.

Another way to encourage drivers, Uber is facilitating the Renault ZOE or Nissan Leaf electric test. The latter has become Uber’s flagship model in London, with 2,000 pilot cars. An operation that the company plans to export to France, Portugal and the Netherlands. Uber is also partnering with Izivia for preferential rates on roaming charging and installation of charging stations. 4 Power Dot terminals will also be exclusive to electric Uber VTCs in Paris.

This series of electric targets is not limited to France. Uber has announced that 50% of its mileage will be electric in 7 European capitals including Berlin and Madrid.


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