Innovation & Startup: 3 million kilometers for future Tesla batteries?

Innovation & Startup: 3 million kilometers for future Tesla batteries?

The weak point of electric vehicles remains the lifespan of the batteries. And Tesla knows it. It is for this reason that the giant is seeking to improve the performance of its batteries in its cars. A team of researchers affirms that it is possible to create a cell allowing the batteries to last 3 million kilometers … A real revolution!

Electric vehicle batteries

Tesla is working hard on the batteries of its electric vehicles, in particular to be able to improve the performance of its future robot taxi. The company therefore decided to integrate a team of researchers who are responsible for improving the batteries. Last year, this team, which comes from Dalhousie University, had already mentioned a battery of a million kilometers.

But this time, the report is creating a buzz. The research team returns to the forefront, with a proposal that seems incredible. For three years, many tests have been put forward, and researchers estimate that Tesla’s Li-Ion batteries are now able to withstand more than 3 million kilometers!

New technology

This new battery does not fall from the sky. Indeed, laboratory tests have shown that the level of degradation of batteries was lower and lower thanks to innovations. Thus, the longevity of these batteries would be simply incredible, and it is a real revolution in the electric vehicle sector.

Keep in mind that this is just a simple report for now, and full-scale testing has yet to take place. However, this work on battery longevity is very encouraging. And Tesla seems particularly confident about this research. We must admit that these batteries represent enormous potential. V2G could reduce the bulk needs of large batteries… To be continued but the project seems promising!


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