Innovation & Startup: Cadillac presents its first electric car

Innovation & Startup: Cadillac presents its first electric car

Has Cadillac decided to compete with Tesla? This is what one might think at first glance since the manufacturer has just unveiled its very first electric car. While the Lyriq will not hit the market before 2022, it already promises to revolutionize the industry. Because yes, this high-end SUV is quite incredible!

A new electric vehicle

Cadillac is the high-end division of General Motors. But last Thursday the company unveiled its very first electric car. This is the Lyriq. The goal is to allow the American manufacturer to compete with Tesla, which largely dominates the market. The Lyriq is a cross between the 4 × 4 and the sedan, and has great advantages!

Cadillac has every intention of going electric. Indeed, the brand estimates that by 2030, most of its models will be either hybrid or electric. 20 models of 100% electric vehicles will normally be available in 2023. They will all be equipped with the Ultium battery which can travel 500 kilometers. Which is a very nice performance!

A nice car

Of course, the Lyriq is a very luxurious electric car. There is thus an option for autonomous driving, with an 85-centimeter screen instead of the dashboard. The entire interior is ultra-stylish, and designed for optimal comfort for the driver and passengers. Admittedly, the Cadillac Lyriq just looks perfect.

Currently, Cadillac has yet to discuss pricing. But we know that the little gem should go on sale within two years at most. Those who weren’t expecting Cadillac to enter the electric vehicle era were pleasantly surprised by the Lyriq, which seems to keep all of its promises. Well done !


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