is the Apple car really going to hit the road?

is the Apple car really going to hit the road?

Hyundai surprised by revealing that it was in talks with Apple for the production of an electric car. At the same time, an article from Bloomberg tells us that the Californian brand has relaunched its Apple project because it is electric and autonomous.

After a lull, the rumor around Apple’s electric and autonomous car project picked up steam a fortnight ago, with revelations about a “revolutionary” battery. And now, in quick succession, new elements tend to strengthen the hypothesis that the firm at the apple is very seriously interested in the automobile. Indeed, the manufacturer Hyundai has just formalized talks with Apple for the production of an electric car.

“We understand that Apple is in discussions with various global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. Since these exchanges are still in their infancy, nothing has been decided, ”said a spokesman for Hyundai quoted by CNBC. Recall that the South Korean manufacturer has a platform for electric cars E-GMP compatible with the 800V load. Apple could rely on the latter to develop its car, using its own lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery on which its engineers are said to be working. Of course, the Californian giant hasn’t commented on the announcement.

If it ever exists, the Apple car probably won’t look like this. © techs_trends

Apple has recruited ex-engineers from Tesla

Coincidence or not, a Bloomberg article published yesterday tells us that a “small team” of Apple engineers is indeed working on an autonomous electric car that could see the light of day within five to seven years. We know that the company is developing a hardware and software platform for autonomous driving that it has been testing for at least three years. Apple has reportedly recruited several engineers from Tesla, some working on the propulsion, safety and even the interior of this supposed Apple car.

The team in charge of developing the Arm processors that Apple uses in its iPhone, iPad, and Mac, would also be involved. But all of this is still very mysterious and hypothetical, but Hyundai’s statement is quite surprising given the policy of secrecy that Apple usually imposes on its partners.

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