Lithuania: a program to exchange old cars for electric scooters and bicycles

Lithuania: a program to exchange old cars for electric scooters and bicycles Auto

The environmental issue is on everyone’s mind. Each country tries to put in place lasting solutions to limit the impacts of global warming on our planet. Old cars have long been singled out for being too pollutant.

End-of-life cars are too polluting and dangerous for the environment, experts say. In some countries, these old vehicles are no longer allowed to circulate freely. Despite the laws in force, some owners find it difficult to dispose of their old car. Recognizing this, the Lithuanian government has launched a program that will facilitate this process. In exchange for their old car, Lithuanians will be able to get an electric bicycle or electric scooter.

Trade in your car to receive € 1,000

This program was implemented by the Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA), which is attached to the Ministry of the Environment in Lithuania. The government is offering owners of old polluting cars to trade them in for a more environmentally friendly alternative.

These citizens are thus offered the sum of € 1,000 which they will have to use to buy an electric bicycle, a bicycle or an e-scooter. They can even use this money to buy tickets for public transport. This deal is a boon for owners of vintage cars. Indeed, the price of these vehicles would not even reach the sum proposed by the Lithuanian government to get rid of them.

Unexpected success

According to the Lithuanian government, this program has been very successful with the local population. This initiative has attracted 8,518 people since its launch in May 2020. “The initiative has received a lot of public attention. The number of registrations exceeded all of our expectations. For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment allocates 3 million euros to the Climate Change Program, ”explained Austėja Jonaitytė, a spokesperson for APVA. It should be noted that this program started this summer with a budget of 8 million euros.

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Lithuania: a program to exchange old cars for electric scooters and bicyclesVilnius, Lithuania – May 20, 2017: Streets of Vilnius Lithuania Old Town, Self Service Bike Station

Of these 8 million euros, 4.95 million euros were allocated to the purchase of e-scooters and bicycles. € 268,000 was used for the purchase of e-bikes. € 136,000 went on electric motorcycles and € 50,000 was used to purchase tickets for public transport.

Since its inception, this program has received only positive reviews. Observers even agree that it should be applied by other countries. In addition to reducing traffic, eliminating old cars in favor of these more environmentally friendly means of transport contributes to improving air quality.

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