Lucid Air, the electric sedan that takes on Tesla with over 830 km of range

Lucid Air, the electric sedan that takes on Tesla with over 830 km of range Auto

After five years of development, the American manufacturer Lucid Motors has finally lifted the veil on the production version of the Lucid Air. This luxury electric sedan promises up to 832 km of range and a maximum power of 1,080 hp.

Lucid Motors. You may be new to this automaker, but it could be getting a lot of talk in the coming year, and maybe even steal the show from Tesla. Based in California, like the firm of Elon Musk, Lucid Motors is preparing to launch the marketing of its first electric car, the Lucid Air. After five years of development, the production version is finally finalized. With it, Lucid is attacking the market for high-end electric sedans on which the Tesla Model S is evolving in particular. A daring bet it is true, but the Lucid Air has some serious arguments for it to make.

Equipped with all-wheel drive and two electric motors delivering up to 1,080 horsepower in its most powerful configuration, the Lucid Air could swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and reach 270 km / h in speed peak. It also gave a boost to a Tesla Model S and a Porsche Taycan on a 400 meters standing start (see the video below). Lucid explains that he has done a lot of work on his electric motor, which is touted as producing “more than twice as much power for its weight as the nearest competing electric vehicle.” Very compact, this motor weighs 74 kg and incorporates a silicon carbide MOSFET at its converter so as to reduce the energy loss during the conversion of the energy stored in the batteries into energy used by the motor, this which benefits autonomy.

On a 400m standing start, organized by Lucid Motors, the Lucid Air easily precedes a Tesla Model S and a Porsche Taycan. It is not known under what exact conditions this demonstration was carried out. © Lucid Motors

Put Tesla in the rearview mirror

Thanks in particular to this innovation and significant work on aerodynamics to obtain a Cx of 0.21, the Lucid Air also claims a record range: up to 832 km for the Grand Touring model. According to the manufacturer, we could travel more than 730 km at the regulatory speed on American highways, or 110 km / h. The battery, with a capacity of up to 113 kWh, supports a voltage of 900 V and a load of up to 300 kW. It only takes 20 minutes to restore the equivalent of 482 km of range. In addition, the battery is compatible with bidirectional charging, which means that it can feed energy back into the electrical network.

The Lucid Air has changed little aesthetically since its first presentation in 2017. And yet, thanks to a very simple design and flowing lines, it gives a little old touch to the style of the Tesla Model S. The interior “inspired by” a private jet ”presents a chic and understated atmosphere. The driver faces a spectacular 34-inch curved 5K display that appears to float above the dashboard. The infotainment part is entrusted to a retractable touch screen located on the central console. The rear seats can accommodate three people with ample legroom. From 2022, Lucid will offer a “jet style” option with two independent rear seats that can tilt 45 degrees.

Lucid Air, the electric sedan that takes on Tesla with over 830 km of range

The interior of the Lucid Air with its 34 inch curved screen. © Lucid Motors

First deliveries in spring 2021

Three versions of the Lucid Air will be marketed from next year. The Lucid Air Dream Edition (1,080 hp, 809 km of range) will cost 169,000 dollars (142,000 euros at the current price) and will be delivered from the 2nd quarter. The Lucid Air Grand Touring (800 hp, 832 km of range) will cost $ 139,000 (116,815 euros) and will be delivered from the 2nd quarter. The Lucid Air Touring (620 hp, 653 km of range) will cost 95,000 dollars (79,876 euros) and will arrive in the 4th quarter. Finally, in 2022, the Lucid Air will be released for less than $ 80,000 (less than 67,000 euros), the autonomy and performance of which are not yet known.

The Lucid Air will take on the Tesla Model S and other luxury electric sedans. © Lucid Motors

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