Mercedes releases its own electric scooter, “eScooter”

Mercedes releases its own electric scooter, "eScooter" Auto

Used to big shiny cars, Mercedes is changing universe with this new electric scooter called “eScooter”. The German brand highlights the speed and longevity of this new, clean and urban vehicle.

Mercedes releases its own electric scooter, "eScooter"Credit: Mercedes-Benz – YouTube

Did Mercedes realize that its oversized cars were no longer welcome in cities? In any case, the German brand is in keeping with its times with this electric scooter called “eScooter”. According to Mercedes, this scooter displays many technical qualities, particularly in its speed, longevity and autonomy. On top of that, it obviously has the advantage, shared by all other electric scooters, of being cut out for green urban mobility.

Its motor, with a power of 500W, can drive at 20 km / h, and the 7.8 Ah battery gives it a range of about 25 km, which is sufficient for a trip between home and work. for example. It recharges to 70% in two hours, according to the German manufacturer. Its board, with a non-slip coating, is slightly wider than the standard and its 20 cm diameter wheels should guarantee good grip on most surfaces. Finally, it is easily foldable and weighs 13.5 kg.

On the digital equipment side, “eScooter” has a control screen displaying the usual information (range, speed, driving mode) and a dedicated application, which will record your movements (with your informed consent). The attractiveness of the brand (whose emblem is conspicuously visible on the front of the scooter) undoubtedly justifies the price of 1299 euros for this scooter. If you can afford it and you are interested in it, it is available on the brand’s official website.

Mercedes releases its own electric scooter, "eScooter"

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