Model B: a designer imagines an electric bike signed Tesla

Model B: a designer imagines an electric bike signed Tesla Auto

Elon Musk’s firm has revolutionized the electric car market, but what about its stance on e-bikes? Indeed, unlike other benchmark manufacturers such as BMW, Harley-Davidson or Ducati, Tesla does not yet seem to be ready to enter the pedelec market. But as we continue to wonder about this topic, a designer has created a concept of a Tesla electric bike that he soberly named Model B.

A realistic concept

This work by Kendall Toerner is so successful that you might think you are dealing with a real product made by Tesla. In fact, it is only a concept and it is not even known if the American firm is actually making an electric bike. Although this imaginary machine has many advantages, we recommend that you do not get carried away too much or you will be disappointed. Either way, it’s worth remembering that during his CyberTruck showcase, Musk showcased a Cyberquad, which shows his interest in alternative transportation.

According to Yanko Design’s explanation, the Tesla Model B bridges the road between the bike and the car of tomorrow. The concept was created taking into account the latest innovations observed in the electric car sector, especially at Tesla. For example, the frame is lined with sensors that help avoid obstacles and thus create a “protective bubble” around the rider. Toerner claims to have equipped his fictitious bike with proximity sensors and a LiDAR.

A design thought to provide incomparable comfort

In addition to the emphasis on safety, the Tesla Model B also emphasizes comfort. The two wheels each have an integrated motor for easy movement on any surface. The spokes have been replaced with shock absorbers to ensure a smooth ride.

Model B: a designer imagines an electric bike signed TeslaThe bike has a control screen. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Kendall Toerner

Moreover, thanks to the various sensors it embeds, to this is added a high-performance software platform, the machine would steer itself. Unlike a conventional two-wheeler which requires pressure on the handlebars to move forward, the Tesla Model B would thus be able to move forward on its own. Note also the fact that the bike has a control screen. Integrated into the frame, this device would display route information and battery life.

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