Nissan offers to pay for parking with its car’s electricity

Nissan offers to pay for parking with its car's electricity Auto

Nissan offers to pay for parking with its car's electricity

Thanks to two-way technology, Nissan will allow motorists to pay for parking with electricity.

If electric cars take advantage of free parking, if not reduced, sooner or later they will have to free themselves from the usual cost. To allow motorists to pay for parking, Nissan has developed a contribution system with electricity.

This device was deployed at the all-new Nissan Pavilion, which opened in Yokohama at the beginning of August. Visitors traveling by electric car can pay for their parking by delivering electricity to the facility. Thus, customers driving Nissan Leaf will sacrifice autonomy on the altar of the parking meter and allow certain areas, such as the café with solar panels, to operate almost completely.

Nissan offers to pay for parking with its car's electricity

The Nissan Pavilion opens onto the entire electrical and technological universe of the Japanese brand under a single ephemeral structure (closing scheduled for October 23). Visitors will be able to take a closer look at the ProPilot driving systems or the Invisible to Vehicle: still in development, this system uses augmented reality and shared data to display what is hidden in areas invisible from the passenger compartment. The electric world of Nissan is no exception, with a virtual attraction in Formula E or Nissan Ariya, Yokohama’s all-new electric SUV.

All of this puts the electric car at the center of a system. Nissan CEO Makato Uchida says: “The Pavilion is a place where customers can see, feel and be inspired by our vision for the near future for society and mobility. As the world shifts to electric mobility, electric vehicles will be integrated into society in ways that go beyond mere transportation. “

Author’s opinion

For the moment only available at the Nissan Pavilion with the Nissan Leaves equipped with a two-way charging system, this system of parking payment in electricity could undoubtedly become a standard in the future. In any case, it is a vision for the future of Nissan. Like the V2H (Vehicle to Home) system, this system will ease the bill with electricity earned at home during off-peak hours.

Pay with electricity? So the idea seems good. Right now though. Because in a future where demand will exceed supply, the price of kWh will automatically increase. This will considerably increase the bill if the price list is based on an energy index rather than a monetary one. Another paradox also arises: it is much more common to regain autonomy in public parking spaces than to lose it, whether on the street, in shopping center parking lots or elsewhere.

Nissan’s proposal dismantles one of the two-way charging functions, but the parking payment system with electricity still seems too early. And you, would you be prepared to pay the parking lot for a little (or a lot) of autonomy?


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