Or charge your electric car for free? (or almost) ?

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If you own an electric car, you may have already wondered how to charge your batteries inexpensively? Indeed, the purchase of an electric vehicle necessarily requires a recharging terminal. Besides the pay stations, there are plenty of tips to pay less or not pay at all!

You just have to know the strategic points and sometimes take advantage of a lot of shopping to recharge your batteries … Even if the purchase of an electric vehicle represents around 20,000 € (without state aid), the full of energy costs 3 to 5 less than fuel. We will explain everything to you.

At home :

It is a priori the most profitable to charge your vehicle. Indeed, it is not free but since electricity prices are regulated, there can be no surprises. By opting for an off-peak contract, all you have to do is recharge your vehicle on your supplier’s off-peak time slots (often at night). Nothing prevents you, for example, from equipping your garage with solar panels, so you don’t have to pay anything at all!

In establishments open to the public:

Although at the moment it is a bit complicated, almost all restaurants and hotels offer a free charging station to their customers. Also think about clinics, hospitals, tax offices or even university parking lots which also have free terminals. Recharging the time of an appointment or a visit is always a winner!

Electric car on a charging pointPhoto credit: Shutterstock / Petair

In the parking lot of a supermarket:

Most of the supermarket chains offer free or purchase terminals. In some car parks, you must present a loyalty card (free) or a receipt to trigger the charge. But this is not the case for all … Think of Ikea too, a great defender of the environment, there are inevitably terminals and spaces reserved for electric cars.

Recharge in the parking lot of a supermarketRecharge in the parking lot of a supermarket. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / jax10289

At terminals installed in cities:

In small villages, they are often installed in strategic places such as town halls and they allow recharging at low cost. In Occitania, for example, it will take € 12 for the year on the Révéo terminals. The prices of these terminals are around 2 € for one hour without subscription. An alternative when you cannot recharge at home.

Use the terminals installed in the cities.Use the terminals installed in the cities. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Scharfsinn

In underground car parks:

Confused about what to do with your lunch break? Park in an underground car park to read a book or enjoy your salad and tune in! It’s free ! Best of all, when parking is also free for a certain period of time … A free entry ticket, and a free recharge too. If there is a charge for parking, you will have to pay the entrance ticket and in Paris, this is really not worth it for example!

Terminals in underground car parks.The terminals in the underground car parks. Photo credit: Shutterstock / l i g h t p o e t

Find all the free charging points on the Chargemap application or even Plugshare… You may even find unexpected good deals!

Source: www.neozone.org

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