prices and equipment of the electric Mustang

Ford Mustang Mach-E Auto

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Expected in dealerships in a few weeks, the first electric Ford Mustang reveals its prices and equipment for France.

48,990 euros! This is how much it will cost to acquire Ford’s new electric car in France. At that price, you’ll only get the “small version” which, in two-wheel drive, combines a 269 horsepower engine block with a 76 kWh battery with up to 440 kilometers of range. A cut above, the 4-wheel drive version displays the same power, but with a bill raised to € 56,500 and a range reduced to 400 kilometers.

Then comes the big battery of 99 kWh. In a two-wheel drive configuration, it announces 610 km of autonomy, 269 horsepower and a price of € 56,500. In four-wheel drive, the power climbs to 351 horsepower and the price soars to € 65,500.

In France, versions sold for less than € 60,000 will be eligible for a bonus of € 3,000.

BatteryAutonomyConfigurationPowerPrice excluding bonus76 kWh440 kmRWD269 hp49 990 € 76 kWh400 kmAWD269 hp56,500 € 99 kWh610 kmRWD294 ch56,500 € 99 kWh540 kmAWD351 hp65,500 €prices and equipment of the electric Mustang

On the fast terminals, the Mustang Mach-E will be able to tolerate up to 150 kW of charging power (115 kW for the small battery)

What equipment for the electric Ford Mustang?

In terms of equipment, the allocations depend on the engine configuration. Equipped with 18-inch 5-spoke rims, the two-wheel drive versions benefit in particular from the 15.5-inch touchscreen, 10.2-inch digital instrumentation, a wireless charger for mobile phones, a camera. recoil, dual-zone air conditioning, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping device.

Mounted on 19-inch rims, the all-wheel drive versions receive the same level of equipment and add automatic high beams, full LED headlights, electrically adjustable front seats and a specific body kit.

Finally comes the limited series First Edition. Billed at € 69,500 and based on the 99 kWh battery and 351 horsepower transmission, it integrates hands-free trunk opening, panoramic roof, autonomous driving, Active Park Assist and the B&O 10 audio system. speakers with sound bar integrated into the dashboard.

prices and equipment of the electric Mustang


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