record charging time for Tesla’s rival

record charging time for Tesla's rival Auto

After having flaunted its performance with a few communications skilfully distilled over several years but still impressive, the Lucid Air will finally be officially unveiled on September 9th. But in the meantime, the Californian brand continues its teasing by announcing bluffing charging performance.

record charging time for Tesla's rival© Lucid Motors

Today, when we think of “electric car”, we often think of “Tesla”. Elon Musk’s brand has managed to establish itself as one of the benchmarks in the segment, building a hip and futuristic image for itself. But this status could soon be threatened by another Californian troublemaker: Lucid Motors. After a few well-noticed announcements, the manufacturer is today announcing impressive charging performance.

The announced rival of Tesla, had started its operation of conquering the market with a shattering declaration. And the Californian manufacturer is working hard before the release of its Lucid Air sedan, scheduled for September 9. It has a 900 V architecture that would allow it to accept 350 kW charging power. That’s 100 V and 100 kW more than what Tesla offers. From an empty battery, it would only take 20 minutes to recover nearly 500 kilometers of range! It will still be necessary to find terminals capable of delivering the necessary power. According to 20 Minutes, some operators already offer such terminals but they are very rare. Ionity, one of the major players in this segment, has only around 40 terminals throughout France.

The suspense is at its height after several impressive teasings

In 2017, its Lucid Air sedan made headlines with a reported top speed of 378 km / h. That’s a far cry from the 576 km / h of the Buckeye Bullet 3, which holds the speed record for an electric car. But that’s still very impressive for a production car, which is not meant to chase records.

More recently, Lucid’s troops also caused a sensation by announcing a staggering theoretical range of 832 km. That’s almost 30% more than the Tesla Model S, which currently leads the segment with a theoretical range of 593 km. To achieve such autonomy in a Tesla, two Belgian enthusiasts had to play the eco-driving card to the full, by driving at … 40km / h for nearly 24 hours. If the Lucid ads have won you over, you can already reserve a vehicle on their website. The reservation itself will cost you 900 €, for an expected product of around 100,000 €. To know the exact amount to write on the check, however, you will have to wait until the presentation on September 9.

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