Schneider Electric gives voice to users

Schneider Electric gives voice to users Auto

Schneider Electric gives voice to users

As part of a webinar organized in June and dedicated to charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, Schneider Electric gave the floor to three pioneering players in the ecosystem. Summary…

“As part of the recovery plan for the automotive sector, the State is financing in 2020 535 million euros for assistance with the purchase of electric vehicles, 800 million for the conversion bonus and 100 million additional for the program of Advenir subsidy with an objective of 100,000 charging points in 2020. The electric vehicle has never been so promoted! “Said Loïc Lengrand, customer marketing manager at Schneider Electric, in the introduction of a webinar dedicated to charging infrastructure organized last June.

A webinar that gives voice to users

If Schneider Electric very regularly offers presentations dedicated to its offer and even online training for installers, this time the French industrial group wanted to give the floor to its intermediaries. This is a way of promoting achievements in the field, but also the often complementary approach of the various players in the sector with sometimes unprecedented information on future deployments.

Addressed to neophytes as well as to the most experienced, the webinar begins with a complete overview of the current context: state of play of the market, regulations, LOM law and short and medium term prospects. Then comes a series of testimonials from ecosystem players, ending with a question-and-answer session.

Indigo: a pioneering commitment and a new offer to come

Specializing in parking, Indigo was one of the first companies to deploy charging stations for users of electric cars. “In 2014, we deployed 126 terminals in our car parks with the goal of having 300 in 2016” figure Emmanuel De Carvalho, Purchasing Director of Indigo. With a network now made up of some 500 charging points, Indigo is now reviewing its positioning. “The usage was not always there and we had to deactivate some kiosks. This led us to mature our thinking, ”continued the representative of Indigo.

“We covered a lot of territories without having previously assessed the needs. We are now trying to take all this up with a new analysis and a very broad consultation of all the players, ”explains Olivier Verbiguie, Technical Affairs Officer of Indigo. “We have integrated the GIREVE platform and have revised our policy with a real marketing strategy. This should bear fruit in the coming months with a new range of products suitable for all types of users: communities, B2B and individuals “he explains.

Schneider Electric gives voice to users

Electric 55 Charging ready to equip Avignon

Located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Electric 55 Charging (E55C) benefits from broad expertise. On the hardware side but also on the software with a supervision system already connected to the fast-charging stations deployed by Nissan, Ikea, Auchan and BP.

On the deployment side, the company’s model is original. “We invest in infrastructure and we get paid on charging,” summarizes Melissa Linger, infrastructure deployment project manager at E55C. With a network of around fifty charging points spread across the Var department, the startup is preparing to move up a gear with the deployment of around one hundred additional points on the territory of Greater Avignon, in the department of Vaucluse.

“In the case of Avignon, we took care of the electricity connection, the road works and the infrastructure. With the community, we contract a temporary authorization of temporary occupation of the territory which allows to stay in the place between 10 and 15 years. We are not asking for any exclusivity or transfer of competence, ”explains Melissa Linger. “We chose to install Schneider wallboxes. For us, it is a solid material, robust, resistant and fully standardized with what is done in France and Europe “she continues. In practice, each terminal offers four charging points: one in 22 kW and 3 in 7 kW.

Schneider Electric gives voice to users

Freshmile: operator and mobility operator

Launched in 2010, the Alsatian company Freshmile is positioned in two major businesses. The first concerns the operation of recharging infrastructures on behalf of public and private developers. “There is a notion of a supervision system but also of interaction with the other players in the ecosystem” underlines Jean-Marie Racine, Sales Director of Freshmile. “We are able to support design offices in the choice of services, but also with terminal manufacturers since we manage 32 different brands of terminals, including Schneider (…). We are also in contact with the maintainers to define the upkeep and maintenance procedures, “he continues.

Also positioned on the market for mobility operators, Freshmile offers an interoperable Pass. Linked to an application and interactive mapping to facilitate the identification of charging points, it provides access to several thousand terminals in Europe, whether they are operated by Freshmile or a third party. “Today, Freshmile manages around 6,000 charging points as an infrastructure operator and has around 25,000 customers who drive electric vehicles” figures Jean-Marie Racine.

Optimized recharging thanks to the LMS

For Schneider Electric, the organization of this webinar was also an opportunity to highlight its offer and present its LMS technology. Ideal solution for fleets, private car parks and even for condominiums, the EVLink LMS (Load Management System) manager. It allows intelligent power allocation to be managed.

“We are on a modular offer with two major configurations: static in which the LMS is fixed a maximum power to be delivered or dynamic which will allow the allocated capacity to be adapted in real time according to the available power” underlines Flavien Cassar, Manager IRVE offer within Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric gives voice to users

In practice, the system can be adapted to small as well as large installations with a supervision tool that can be managed directly at the local level by the company or supervised remotely by a third party. “We have around twenty compatible operators, which allows the customer to choose which supervisor to choose,” explains Flavien Cassar. The operating rules of the system are also very flexible. The supervisor can, for example, define “VIP” terminals, without power limitation, smooth the load equally between all the vehicles or give priority to the latest arrivals.

Among Schneider’s emblematic achievements is that of the Renault technocentre. The LMS provides dynamic control of 70 AC terminals in 22 kW.


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