she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month

she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month Auto

she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month

Still offered by the Korean manufacturer, the LLD offer for a very low rent has already been the subject of many comments. For those who think that it is impossible to benefit from it, Lille’s Caroline Debray proves the opposite.

In the footsteps of his 2 brothers

“For several years now, my brother Julien has been driving an electric car with a 2nd generation Nissan Leaf. He had already managed to convert my other brother who now uses a Hyundai Ioniq. I had tried and been seduced by these 2 cars, “begins Caroline Debray, who works in Tourcoing for a manufacturer of medical implants.

“My Citroën C4 diesel was reaching the end of its life with its 250,000 kilometers. I wanted to switch to a hybrid or an electric car. I already found the latter interesting for the environment, but also pleasant to drive in general. But the purchase prices were too important for me, ”she reports. “Julien learned about the Kia offer at 47 euros and motivated me to take advantage of it,” she continues.

she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month

4 attempts before signing for the 47 euro offer

“I had to ask for several dealerships before I found one that could offer me an e-Niro for 47 euros a month. In Roncq, the best offer I could get was a LOA of 200 euros per month. In Villeneuve-d’Ascq and Arras, it is also not possible to obtain the publicized formula, “testifies Caroline Debray.

“I had to go to Bethune, 60 km from my home, for the operation to be possible. I called first to explain my situation and an appointment was made for the next morning. There I was very well received by a sales advisor who was in great demand about this low cost formula. I signed up before I even tried the car, ”she recalls.

“It was a little later that I got to experience the e-Niro on the road for about 15 minutes. It was enough for me to be pleasantly surprised with this car. Despite its large size, it is quite easy to drive and more comfortable than my old C4. I quickly appreciated the safety features like the information the car gave on crossed speed limit signs and the fact that it straightened the line when needed, ”she admits.

she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month

Delivery scheduled for July 15

“Initially, the delivery of the e-Niro was scheduled for July 15. But as I took the steps to scrapping the C4, I learned it was pledged because of an unpaid 2016 PV that I never received. This story delayed the arrival of my electric car, which I finally received on Friday July 31, “explains Caroline Debray. “It was not easy for me to let go of my first car, which I kept for 10 years. I was torn between the emotion of giving up my C4 and the excitement of getting a new car, ”she admits.

“When I was able to ride the e-Niro, I went around my acquaintances with: 1,000 km covered in the first week! It attracts a lot with its sporty look while being family-friendly. On board, the materials used are very qualitative. A colleague of mine, also interested in Kia’s offer, regrets not having taken advantage of it. She thought the rents were too low and thought there must be a scam behind it, ”she continues.

Satisfied with the autonomy and the charging possibilities

“I am quite amazed by the recharging facilities. Around my home, there are terminals everywhere and some are free and accessible without a badge. Thus that of the town hall of Marcq-en-Barœul. For the others, I took the Electric Pass pass from the Lille urban community. This availability of terminals is very important to me because I cannot recharge at home, ”she emphasizes.

“However, I will soon be moving to Tourcoing. And there there is a whole circle around the town of Gerald Darmanin where there are no limits. For a minister in a government that encourages switching to electric mobility, I find it quite incredible not to have installed one, ”she laments.

“On the city’s website, there is a form to suggest a location. I contacted the town hall to find out if this is just an investigation or if there is a concrete project behind it, but I never got a response, “she laments. “Installing terminals in city centers encourages motorists to buy electric cars,” she insists.

she has just received her Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month

Ask your employer for recharging

“I will ask my employer to be able to recharge at my place of work. When I am in Tourcoing, I will only have a few kilometers to cover a day to get there. The manager is charging his Porsche Cayenne in the parking lot and I saw a colleague come in a Tesla. In addition, the company is committed to an ecological approach and to the quality of its products “, considers Caroline Debray.

“Otherwise, I will take advantage of LIDL’s fast terminals: 30 minutes free. Enough to give me back 60% autonomy, “she calculates. “I’m going to make a long journey of 900 kilometers in September, to reach the Ardèche. With the autonomy of the e-Niro, I don’t think this will be a problem. I have already taken my Maingau badge which will allow me to use the Ionity network in the best conditions, “she anticipates.


“Each month my C4 cost me 2 refills at 85 euros each and 50 euros of insurance, or 220 euros. With the e-Niro, I barely exceed 100 euros per month. In addition to the rent of 47 euros and a few chargeable recharges, there is also the insurance contract. Except that for the same price, it is an all risks policy with no excess on a new electric vehicle. That of the 15-year-old C4 was only a third, ”compares Caroline Debray.

“I will be able to keep the e-Niro after 2 years. A purchase price of 26,400 euros has already been calculated by the concession. I could well crack at that time and decide to keep it, ”she projects. “What could make me hesitate?” Its loss of value after 2 years against models with better battery life, “she reflects.

The appreciation of a rider

“I have horses. It can be quite tense when cars pass by with roaring engines. If electric vehicles were to become widespread, it would be safer for horseback riding. It’s a small thing maybe, but it’s one of the things that makes me say that the electric car is the future, ”feels Caroline Debray.

“The ecological side is very important to me. I will not go back to a thermal car. Before I made up my mind, I was apprehensive about autonomy. She flew away with the e-Niro’s performance on this. I still wonder why I didn’t listen to my brothers sooner! », She concludes.

Offer maintained until August 31, 2020

Launched at the beginning of June 2020, and available until the end of this month of August, the Kia Liberty Experience formula allows you to have for 25 months, against a modest monthly rent of 47 euros, a Kia e-Niro in finishing e-Active.

To take advantage of this offer on an already very well equipped electric SUV with a WLTP range of 455 km, you had to be eligible for the conversion bonus of 5,000 euros. The latter was added to the 7,000 euros of the government bonus and a contribution of 3,250 euros to form the super starting rent.

Despite a conversion premium that has been reduced for a few days to 2,500 euros for a majority of motorists, Kia is maintaining its offer until its initial term. And this, by playing on a few sliders.

For an initial contribution reduced to 3,100 euros, it is now in the entry-level Motion finish that the e-Niro will be delivered. Charged 2,000 euros less in the catalog, the latter has an 8-inch touchscreen instead of 10.25 inches of the upper finishes, abandons connected navigation, parking radars, dark-tinted rear windows and windows, and UVO telematics services Connect.

Author’s opinion

If the experience of our interviewee proves that it is, or has been possible, to sign for a Kia e-Niro at 47 euros per month, it also shows that the operation is more of an obstacle course.

Among a large number of dealers, probably a majority (4 contacted for only 1 who could honor it in the testimony above), the low-rental formula was not available. Personally, I am not sure that, faced with so many refusals, my confidence in the brand would have been intact after the process.

In 2012, I had a similar story to land a Citroën C-Zero at 149 euros per month. I still have this car which I was able to obtain thanks to the intermediation of a good electromobile relationship and the dedication of a sales advisor who left very quickly to promote the electric for a more committed manufacturer. But at the time we knew that there wouldn’t be something for everyone and that we had to act quickly. Citroën received little media coverage of the case.

The formula at 47 euros includes a kilometer credit of 20,000 km for 2 years. I fear that it will be difficult for our interviewee not to exceed it: 1,000 km achieved in the first week, a trip of almost 2,000 km round trip to reach the Ardèche next September, etc. This accumulation of trips is a phenomenon experienced by most motorists when switching to electric.

Beyond the 20,000 km included in the offer, the balance will have to be paid at a high price. The purchase of the vehicle at the end of the contract will then undoubtedly be a very good operation to eliminate this drawback. Moreover, with its qualities, its autonomy and its recharging possibilities, the e-Niro currently on the market should be one of the electric models that will perform best on the used market. Enough to dispel the apprehension of our interviewee.


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