Sony Vision-S Concept is practiced on Austrian roads

Sony Vision-S Concept is practiced on Austrian roads Auto

Sony Vision-S Concept is practiced on Austrian roads

Appeared at CES in Las Vegas a year ago, the Sony Vision-S shines during its development and its development phases on the road.

In 2020, Sony unveiled the Vision-S Concept at the annual high-tech mass in Las Vegas. The unexpected style study enters the hotly contested segment of electric sedans. However, there is no question for Sony to launch into automobile production: the concept is above all a rolling laboratory.

The electronics specialist has partnered with other segment players to develop the sedan, such as Bosch, Continental, Nvidia or Qualcomm. The goal is to put a functional electric vehicle on wheels that will allow the on-board technologies of tomorrow to be developed.

The constantly evolving Sony Vision-S

Already launched on the road during the year, the Sony Vision-S is revealed a little more. The opportunity for Sony to take stock of the development of software-oriented design, and in particular on the large screen interface that stretches from one end of the passenger compartment to the other, like the Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen .

All the partners gathered around this project are working together to develop an optimal human-machine interface, where communications and cloud information are of real importance, whether to optimize the on-board experience or improve the devices of autonomous driving, among others.

As such, tests on Austrian roads have enabled Sony to push its endowment even further with a device now equipped with 40 sensors, against 33 previously. However, the Japanese manufacturer did not provide any further information on this subject, nor on the future of the car or on the serialization of the electronic installation.


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