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2021: The Odyssey of Clean Mobility continues with electric bike rental services in Paris. Indeed, for ecological reasons, (particularly in the context of corporate mobility credit) and because the health situation requires it, the transport sector (and more particularly urban mobility) must be able to position itself, not only economically, but also in terms of innovation. However, the laws of the markets are severe, especially for the most dynamic, and providing a quality service is a business subject to unforeseen events and antagonisms. In Paris, many self-service eBike rental operators have already paid the price: Mobike, Bolt, Gobee Bike, oBike, Ofo, Donkey Republic, Oribiki… Which fleets still occupy the capital today? And what are the alternatives for renting an electric bike? Let’s take a closer look.

Self-service electric bike rental in Paris

Of course, we start with the easiest thing: download an app and find an electric vehicle nearby. On this subject, it should be remembered that the rates below are not set in stone: the flat rate is likely to evolve for each operator, just like electric scooters in their infancy. It will all depend on market research after a few months / years of use. Here is a brief description of four operators available in the capital!

Vélib ’: the famous Parisian bicycle rental service goes electric

vélib service electric bikes

How not to open hostility to the famous Vélib ’, which has released its own version of VAE. Its assistance is very powerful but can only be configured from the app (rather poorly rated by the way …). A control integrated into the car would still have been more ergonomic, especially in a city such as Paris, where the traffic flow is constantly changing! Not to mention the slopes, more or less narrow and paved roads, etc. The electric motor is placed at the front wheel, and Vélib ‘regulars will inevitably find it heavier (23 kg) and more difficult to handle. Another slight downside: it will sometimes be difficult for you to find an electric Vélib ’available in town. Either way, remember the Greens are classic Vélib ’, without electric assistance! On the price side, you will choose between three options:

Free for occasional use: € 2 per half hour; More for more frequent use: € 1 for the first half hour, then € 2 for each additional half hour for € 3.1 / month, or € 37.2 / year. The VPlus youth package costs € 2.3 / month, or € 27.6 / year, and the solidarity subscription € 1.55 / month, or € 18.6 / year; VMax: free for the first half hour. The 2nd half hour is 1 €. This subscription costs 8.3 € / month, or 99.6 euros / year. For young people, it goes down to € 7.1 / month or € 85.2 / year. Finally, for the solidarity Vmax: € 4.15 / month or € 49.8 / year.

Jump, or the aggressive price of an electric bike rental service in Paris

electric bike rental service paris

Jump vehicles, with their red glow, are visible from afar! The front wheel hub serves as a support for the engine, and incorporates a speed sensor. Note their weight of 30 kg, but also note that their battery is removable, which will necessarily facilitate the work of the maintenance teams of pedelecs. As such, their autonomy hardly exceeds 50 km, which remains more than correct. On the rental side, a Jump electric bike costs 15 cents per minute. Note: if you spot one on the other side of a boulevard, you can reserve it for 10 minutes, during which you pay the 15 cts / min + 1 € reservation fee. No other type of subscription has been offered yet. Be careful, however, not to park them beyond the ring road, or you will incur a fine of € 50…

Dott, from electric scooters to VAEs to pigment the Parisian maze

electric bike rental service paris dott

We already know the brand well for its electric scooters. We therefore find them with their own electric-assisted bicycle, which incorporates this archi-colored leg in their design. It is during March 2021 that we expect a first fleet of 500 units to dynamically decorate the capital. This figure is nevertheless expected to quadruple during the spring. When it comes to performance, you can’t expect more than 50 km of range, but some estimates point to 35 km. This would lead to a different management of their batteries, which would certainly recharge faster, knowing that users generally prefer full gauges … Mounted on 26-inch wheels, Dott’s VAE would weigh around 30 kg and would have a LCD screen for usage indications and integrated GPS. Finally, the price would be modeled on that of scooters, namely € 1 for unlocking and then 20 cents per minute.

Zoov, an eBike rental service tested in the south of Paris

Zoov self-service electric bike paris

And here is the assistant of our selection, designed by Éric Carreel, founder of Invoxia. Zoov pedelecs can be unlocked with a code to scan with your smartphone, after booking on the app. Zoov’s parking stations can be summed up in an arch-shaped terminal from which each pedelec can be attached to another, like shopping carts. Thus, the last to arrive will be the first to leave. However, the app allows you to choose a different one if it was damaged. Its security system is practical: the motor locks the wheels as soon as you finish your journey. In addition, it appears that the battery charges when the bikes are parked at their stations. As a bonus, a second battery will be available to add 20 km of range. The Zoov ecosystem is currently being tested on the Saclay plateau, south of Paris.

LLD (long-term rental) services of electric bikes in Paris

We have also found a way to more easily rely on an electric two-wheeler. By making a long-term rental, you won’t have to wander the streets to find one. In addition, you will have a greater choice of model. And if the mood strikes you, don’t hesitate to take a look at our review of the best electric bikes!

Véligo, the essential at the best prices for electric bike rental in Paris


Of course, Véligo is self-service, but it does offer LLDs. Véligo’s e-bike is relatively heavy, weighing around 25 kg, pulled by the 250 W motor in its front wheel. Under these conditions, you can easily travel at 25 km / h, and this over 70 km of autonomy. The performance is decent, but the battery gauge has been rated unreliable by users. That said, we greatly appreciate the box used to place your smartphone in order to take advantage of the GPS without exposing it to the risk of rain. In addition, a USB port has even been provided to recharge it. On the other hand, the lock breaks down into a frame and a chain, for double security. The key used to unlock it is the same one that allows you to remove the battery, which you can then recharge during the day. The prices are reduced to 40 € / month (20 € / month for students). Finally, here are some optional equipment:

Helmet: 3 euros / month Child seat and helmet: 6 euros / month Side bag: 5 euros / month Additional charger: 3 euros / month

Decathlon Rent, for quality pedelecs that are expensive to hire

service paris electric bike rental decathlon rent

The famous sports store has started renting electric bikes in Paris with Decathlon Rent! It therefore offers two models of VAE for a monthly fee. As such, you will have no commitments to submit, and can unsubscribe at any beginning of the month. We note with satisfaction that a technical service is included in the formula, which involves troubleshooting in the event of a problem. In addition, in addition to having the security of a very reliable lock, you will be insured against theft and breakage. You will benefit from the Decathlon Rent service in several stores in the capital. You can opt for the foldable eBike (at € 55 / month) and the classic B’Twin VAE (€ 75 / month). It is still very expensive, and the future will tell whether Decathlon Rent will be able to remain competitive!

Holland Bikes, for an electric bike rental in Paris and throughout France

electric bike rental service paris hollandbike

A little less well known, Holland Bikes also offers LLDs of electric bikes. As such, you will be able to subscribe online, and you will be delivered shortly thereafter. Of course, it is not excluded to go directly to their Parisian stores. Anyway, the site is well done, which offers a simulation. Two models are possible: the Vandijck, at € 46.90 / month and the Gazelle, at € 49.50 / month. We note one caveat, however: you will only have a choice of four periods, ranging from one to four years of rental. We are far from the flexibility of Decathlon Rent. In addition, insurance and assistance packs are optional, as are accessories (helmet, luggage rack, anti-theft device). As for the return of the bike finally, you can bring it directly to a store, or schedule its collection at home for 69 €.


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