Tesla launches official personalization service

Tesla launches official personalization service Auto

Tesla launches official personalization service

To allow its customers greater latitude in personalizing their electric car, Tesla is launching its own wrap personalization service.

Industrial efficiency requires, Tesla is not the brand where you can customize your car with an endless color catalog and other stylistic jokes with stickers on the roof or the mirrors.

However, aware of the demand of a few customers limited by the five colors offered automatically, the Californian firm has decided to set up its own personalization service using the wrapping method. A technique that involves applying a film to the entire body, but which is less expensive than a new full and reversible paint. So imagine: the fuchsia Model S with green racing stripes and retro yellow that you secretly dream of can now be made by Tesla.

Tesla launches official personalization service

A Tesla personalization service that will become widespread

This customization technique opens up possibilities that go beyond what is possible in the factory. Customers can choose from 16 million colors and multiple levels of finishes, with shiny, matte or even chrome liveries. The only limits here are those of your tastes.

Tesla’s new service was initially launched in China (where the demand for personalization is very high) in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen and Suzhou. More markets are expected to follow, but the brand has not released any timelines at this point.

The opening of this service brings Tesla one step closer to the world of personalization. A theme that will be necessary with the Tesla Cybertrucks, since this one should leave the factory with a unique color. Over time, one could even imagine the partnership with Unplugged Performance becoming a reality to offer official body kits.

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