Tesla, Lucid and Rivian band together to put pressure on electric

Tesla, Lucid and Rivian band together to put pressure on electric Auto

Tesla, Lucid and Rivian band together to put pressure on electric

Bringing together many players in the world of electric cars, the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA for close friends) intends to make the demands of the sector heard with one and the same voice.

Founded on the initiative of 28 players * in the world of electric vehicles, including manufacturers specializing in electrics such as Tesla, Rivian or Lucid or the VTC giant Uber, the ZETA association intends to put pressure on the American administration the following day. of the election of Joe Biden as head of the United States. In addition to increasing the purchasing aid granted to electric cars and the deployment of charging infrastructure, the young association calls for tougher environmental standards to achieve the target of 100% of electric vehicles sold on the market by 2030.

A new president in favor of electricity

If he will not officially take office at the head of the country until January 20, 2021, Joe Biden has already announced his support for the electric car, promising the introduction of new tax incentives and an “expansion spectacular ”network of charging stations.

“We can dominate the electric vehicle market, building 550,000 charging stations and creating over a million jobs here, provided the government invests more in clean energy research,” the newly president said. elected. Statements that contrast radically with those of his predecessor …

* ABB, Albemarle Corporation, Arrival, ChargePoint, ConEdison, Copper Development Association, Duke Energy, Edison International, Enel X, EVBox, EVgo, Ioneer, Li-Cycle, Lordstown Motors, Lucid Motors, Piedmont Lithium, PG&E Corporation, Proterra, Redwood Materials, Rivian, Siemens, Southern Company, SRP, Tesla, Vistra, Volta, Uber, WAVE

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