Tesla Model S rival in detail

the electric sedan under 68,000 € and a future SUV Auto

Tesla Model S rival in detail

Start-up Lucid Motors details its first electric car, the Air sedan, announcing a base price of less than $ 80,000.

As Faraday Future continues to flirt with darkness, Lucid Motors is becoming a rising beast of the American electric automobile. After 5 years of development, the first car is the Air, a high performance luxury sedan. Its characteristics have been spread over the past few weeks, but it marks its official launch on September 9, world day of the electric car.

653 to 832 km of autonomy

We will not dwell on the style, which has been known for a long time and has not evolved from the first prototype. It retains its remarkable fluidity in a length of 4.97 meters, its simplistic facies and an absence of body folds. The interior will be very luxurious, combining wood, metal and careful presentation. The roominess is strange, without a tailgate but a 420-liter trunk, to which is added a 200-liter front trunk, the largest of its kind.

Integrated under the floor, the batteries will be of different sizes. In its most generous configuration, the Lucid sedan will be able to accommodate 113 kWh with a record range of 832 kilometers with one charge! According to Lucid, this would correspond to 732 km at a speed on the American highway, or about 110 km / h. This range is only valid for the Grand Touring model. The Dream Edition and Touring versions advertise 809 and 653 km respectively.

The 900 V voltage provides equally surprising recharges, up to 300 kW of power, and even a V2G function. Enough to recover 482 km in 20 minutes.

Tesla Model S rival in detail

670 to 1,080 horsepower

Such a battery accompanies an insane power. It goes through two engines of 670 horsepower, weighing 74 kg each (vs 170 for a Porsche Taycan or 134 kg at Tesla). The maximum cumulative power is 1,080 horsepower, well beyond the most powerful electric sedans on the market. The 0-100 km / h would be folded there in 2.5 seconds, the 400 meters in less than 10 seconds, and the maximum speed at 270 km / h. This is valid for the more powerful Dream Edition version.

As with Tesla, the possibility of Level 3 autonomous driving is claimed, but in the future. The hardware is there – for the top two finishes – but the software part will require updates to get there.

A basic version for less than $ 80,000

It is possible to book this Lucid Air with a deposit of 900 € for France. The brand plans to deliver its electric sedan from spring 2021. Three finishes are available:

Touring 620 hp / 653 km at $ 95,000 (€ 80,500); Grand Touring 800 hp / 832 km at $ 139,000 (€ 117,700); Dream Edition 1,080 hp / 809 km at $ 169,000 (€ 143,150)

With such prices, Lucid is facing the Tesla Model S Performance at € 83,990. Bad news, the Lucid Air Dream Edition will not be offered in Europe. However, the good thing is that a basic version will arrive in 2022, probably less powerful and with reduced autonomy. It will be marketed at a price lower than $ 80,000, or € 67,760 at the current exchange rate.

Tesla Model S rival in detail

An SUV for 2022?

The sedan is yet to be launched until a second model is already on the rails: an SUV. It’s called Project Gravity, a concept car in the style of Air. For the moment, Lucid does not give any figures or a launch date.

We can easily imagine the same engine / battery configurations, why not more modest to attract a more family clientele, and marketing at best in 2022. On the other hand, it will find rivals such as Rivian R1S or GMC Hummer on its way.

Tesla Model S rival in detail

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