Tesla passes 20,000 superchargers

Tesla passes 20,000 superchargers Auto

Tesla passes 20,000 superchargers

By crossing a new symbolic bar with its Supercharger network, the American manufacturer of electric cars is consolidating its dominant position in the field of charging stations.

When the Model S launched in 2012, Tesla wasn’t just launching a groundbreaking new electric car. The manufacturer was also relying on the accompanying infrastructure, with the Superchargers. Today global, this network has passed a new milestone.

It was on the social network Twitter (what else?) That the brand and its CEO Elon Musk announced the information. The manufacturer now has more than 20,000 fast charging stations in its purse.

With this number, the network thus shows its numerical superiority on the planet. It is indeed the largest and most global, with stations in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

A network now in competition

The first Superchargers appeared in September 2012 with a maximum power at the time limited to 90 kW. Deployed gradually, the network reached 5,000 terminals in 2017. With the arrival of V2 and the increase in power levels to 120 and 150 kW, the number jumped to 10,000 in June 2018. V3 Superchargers joined the network end of 2019 to peak at 250 kW.

However, Tesla chargers are not the only ones, nor the most powerful. They face a European Ionity grid offering up to 350 kW, which Tesla is expected to achieve with the V4s. The Ionity network is certainly reduced to some 300 stations and around 1,800 terminals. In the United States, the Electrify America network is gaining momentum with 3,500 fast terminals planned by the end of 2021. In both cases, these two competing networks accept all electric cars. Conversely, the Tesla Superchargers remain limited to the brand’s models only.

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