The advantages of LOA for acquiring an electric car!

The advantages of LOA for acquiring an electric car! Auto

The advantages of LOA for acquiring an electric car!

The most fashionable formula for financing a new or used car, leasing with an option to buy also applies to the field of electric cars. We explain the advantages to you!

What is LOA?

This leasing for individuals is an innovative solution through which the lessee finances only the use of the car and not the ownership of an asset whose financial burden increases over the years and kilometers.

This formula responds to the new aspirations of motorists. The vast majority of them see the car as a service and want to be able to change it regularly to benefit from the latest developments in terms of comfort, intelligent equipment, motorization and safety.

A technological offer that is also innovative

The automotive industry is going through a period rich in research and development, stimulated by the need to provide a sustainable response to environmental issues by making the automobile eco-responsible. Mobility is therefore at a turning point, and all manufacturers are contributing to it with the marketing of models meeting new standards, incorporating the latest innovations in current energies (downsizing, start & stop, particulate filter, selective catalytic reduction), and development reliable alternatives.

In the offer of more virtuous alternative energies, the electrified car in light hybridization, hybrid or 100% electric constitutes an efficient solution, perfectly in line with the current challenges of reducing polluting emissions.

LOA as a fuel for the energy transition

The financing of your electric car by leasing on lease with option to purchase (LOA) contributes significantly to the dynamics of the new and used automobile market and its renewal. Leasing with an option to buy supports manufacturers’ investments, and this formula gives you the opportunity to regularly change your car for a newer, spacious, modular and connected model.

The development of electric motors is benefiting from your enthusiasm for these eco-efficient technologies. These allow you to move freely in urban centers with increasingly restrictive regulations regarding polluting emissions.

The eco-efficient car 100% compatible with LOA

Financing your new or second-hand electric car with a platform like Vivacar allows you to actively participate in this energy transition and to follow without constraint the technological developments regularly developed.

In the field of electric powertrains, these innovations contribute to increasing the autonomy of on-board batteries, to the intelligent management of energy consumption and recharging on hybrid models, and to the optimization of charging time at the socket for 100% electric models.

A flexible system

Thanks to LOA financing, you decide the duration of your rental and therefore the frequency of change for a more recent electric car model, equipped with the latest engines and batteries.

With your rental with the option of buying a new or used car, you won’t have to change your battery either. You will also enjoy unique driving experiences, assisted by advanced infotainment and driver assistance systems that facilitate your decision-making and secure your journeys.

Your Vivacar used LOA electric car

Vivacar, the leader in second-hand rental with option to purchase, offers you a large choice of guaranteed electric cars, selected from the largest French dealerships. Thanks to the Vivacar financing platform, you are free to choose your ideal car and define the characteristics of your lease financing with option to purchase with or without a contribution that will best meet your situation and your desires.

In addition to this economical financing method, you can benefit from optional Vivacar services: reliable or reimbursed, mechanical warranty and maintenance throughout the duration of your rental. You will also have the possibility to decide at the end of your LOA contract either to buy your car in perfect condition (because it is regularly maintained) by exercising the purchase option, or to return it to Vivacar to go back behind the wheel of a new used electric car in LOA.

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