The Black Tea Moped electric motorcycle offered at a reduced price on Indiegogo

The Black Tea Moped electric motorcycle offered at a reduced price on Indiegogo Auto

The young, but famous, startup Black Tea Motorbike is also following the trend by offering a Scrambler-style electric motorcycle. Its brand new model, the “Black Tea Moped”, is now available for pre-order. The company will likely release its first series in early 2021.

Until August 27, 2020, the firm is offering electric motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to pre-order this moped for a reduced price of 35%. However, its minimalist and retro design is not unanimous. Regardless, the little car still has a few strengths that deserve to be highlighted.

Neither moped nor motorcycle?

At first glance, Black Tea seems to take on the appearance of a Scrambler. With its vintage allure, which harkens back to the 70s, it will especially appeal to purists. The design is sleek to the max with a rounded headlight, fake fuel tank, a pair of mirrors, and a flattened saddle.

A priori, this has enough space for two people. It is clear that the designers mainly focus on the practical aspect of their machine and thus target a particular audience. With style and performance, they clearly want a product that will appeal to and appeal to fans.

Although on the outside the Black Tea mimics the structure of a motorcycle, it is actually a moped but with fewer pedals. Its electric motor, producing a torque of 180 Nm, has a nominal power of 3 kW or 4.0788 horsepower.

However, peak tested, the little beast manages to reach 5 kW (6.7 hp). It is powered by a removable 2V-24.5A battery, which fully recharges in 4 hours. A single charge will allow a journey of 70 km.

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The Black Tea Moped electric motorcycle offered at a reduced price on Indiegogo The Black Tea electric motorcycle Moped offered at a reduced price on Indiegogo

Even with such modest power, it still takes around 4 seconds to go from 0 to 50 km / h. In addition, the maximum speed can reach 80 km / h. Regardless, the German firm is not yet exploiting the true potential of its two-wheeler engine. Equipped with a Sabvoton controller, the power of the latter could increase tenfold.

Style and pleasure put forward

Viktor Sommer and his team rely on crowdfunding, more specifically on Indiegogo, for the mass production of their “electric motorcycle”. The strategy is therefore quite voluntary and at the same time makes it possible to measure people’s interest in Black Tea Moped. However, nothing prevents ordinary laymen from adopting it, especially for journeys in urban areas. Especially since the spirit of this little racing car is to mix style, pleasure and mobility.


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