The disappointment of this professional driver following the purchase of his Porsche Taycan

The disappointment of this professional driver following the purchase of his Porsche Taycan Auto

The disappointment of this professional driver following the purchase of his Porsche Taycan

Retired entrepreneur and former Porsche Cup driver, Hervé Guillaume bought a Taycan which he really appreciates. But his enthusiasm disappears when he mentions the behavior of certain motorists who block charging stations.

12,000 km since July 2020

“I received my Porsche Taycan in July 2020 and have already accumulated 12,000 km with it. This is my first electric vehicle. Previously, I drove a Targa GTS, Land Rover or Mercedes S-Class. It’s a bit of a disease: I like to change vehicles often, “says Hervé Guillaume.

“I had tried the Renault ZOE and the BMW i3. I already found this last magical. The Porsche dealer gave me a good presentation of the Taycan, and honestly, I don’t see the manufacturer messing up. All that made me decide to buy this car which I am delighted with today, ”he says.

Helicopter navigation

“In one of my first trips, I went to Brittany. Planning the trip to the charging stations reminds me of helicopter navigation, which I also do. Personally, that does not pose a problem for me, but my wife does not wish to engage in this kind of game ”, testifies Hervé Guillaume.

“Residing in Clermont-Ferrand, I travel regularly to Saint-Tropez, recharging on the way at an Ionity terminal in Montélimar. In the summer, I arrive at my destination with 35% more energy in the battery. To return in winter, it is a little more complicated: I have to make a detour bypassing Lyon to the east to refuel the pack at another station of the same network, towards Villefranche-sur-Saône, “he continues.

“The Taycan’s battery life indicator is very reliable and reassuring, because it is rather pessimistic. When I leave with an estimate of 400 km, for example, after 100 km swallowed, I may still have 350 km displayed on the dashboard, ”he appreciates.

Curves that invert

“Using the Taycan, I noticed some curves inverting. Above 150 km / h, the range literally melts. Below 100 km / h, on the other hand, the car starts to consume much less ”, remarked our sports lover, adding:“ on the road, I respect the speed limits ”.

This Porsche electric, how do you see it? “The Taycan is closer to a 911 than a Panamera. With maximum torque immediately available, it has acceleration that sends what you need right away. It’s a real sports car, a truly magical car! », He judges.

“A former Porsche Cup driver, I like to practice strong starts by pressing the brake and accelerator fully before the start. When you suddenly release the brake pedal, you get 50 extra horsepower for 2 or 3 seconds. With “launch control” on the Taycan, the skeleton is put to the test, and it can end in the emergency room. This is real life, ”he warns.

What I disliked the Taycan

“The Porsche GPS is a real disaster. Between that of the vehicle and the associated smartphone application, there are sometimes big differences in the information. Is it because one takes into account, and the other does not, elements of the weather like the outside temperature? “Asks Hervé Guillaume.

“I have observed variations in battery life between the units depending on the options. On my Taycan, I have the classic solid rims: I gain at least 5% radius of action compared to a model equipped with more stylish 21 inch rims. I also have a heat pump which helps conserve battery energy in the winter. The difference is noticeable with a Taycan which does not have this device, ”he compares.

“What is lacking in this car, like many electrics, is the ability to mount a trailer hitch. I need it to take bikes, ”he explains.

The disappointment of this professional driver following the purchase of his Porsche Taycan

The cars sucker in front of the terminals

“Before I had an electric vehicle, I had already noticed that cars were parked in front of terminals without being plugged in. Some seem to take them for places intended for disabled people. It was not missed, my first need for recharging, there was a hybrid. And it happened several times! We’re not going to make a bag out of it as long as there’s room, but hey! », Deplores Hervé Guillaume.

“On January 2, at the Ionity station in Montélimar on the A7 motorway, it was a big surprise: 4 chargers and 4 cars, a first for me! In the batch, a couple were having a good time when their vehicle was not plugged in, and another was 100% charged but no one was there. I would have gladly shaken the latter to sound his alarm, “he sighs.

War in front of the chargers next summer

“On busy days, it could be a mess if motorists don’t show good citizenship at charging stations. We will have to educate people before next summer, otherwise I predict war in front of the chargers, ”considers Hervé Guillaume.

“Electric car users will have to understand that quick terminals are not designed to regenerate the battery 100%. You have to give way as soon as the level reaches 80-85%. Beyond that, the power drops quickly and the time to go to the end is very long. These places should no longer be mistaken for priority parking spaces. Finally, I ask those who charge their car to check their app regularly to move the vehicle at the end of the operation and leave room for friends, “he advises.

“Maybe the builders can make their charging app ring 80%. Should we punish with a fine of 50 euros, for example, anyone who leaves his car parked at the end of charging for more than 15 minutes at a fast terminal “, he suggests.

The disappointment of this professional driver following the purchase of his Porsche Taycan

Still in electric tomorrow?

“I am wondering whether I will renew my Taycan with another electric car. I think so, but I’m going to avoid traveling on Saturdays, Sundays, and other busy days. I’m retired, so I can afford it. This is not the case for everyone “, composes Hervé Guillaume.

“By purchasing the car, we knew that the first year would be complicated as long as the Ionity network was not fully deployed. We are therefore not going to feel sorry for our fate “, concludes, philosopher, our interlocutor.

Automobile Propre and I warmly thank Hervé Guillaume for his spontaneous offer to share with our readers the difficulties encountered in fast-charging stations.


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